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Raquel Riley
Latest book: Sins of My Father.
Published May 18, 2023. (4.79 from 38 reviews)

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  • Son of a Sinner on March 03, 2023

    **ARC Copy reader** Raquel never fails to leave me speechless with any of her books...always has a scene somewhere in each book that has you like okay I did not see that coming...at the very beginning my heart breaks for Penn...him wanting to be a dad..it is the one thing he truly dreamed to be and his wife shut down that for him...15 years later and divorced, he finds a solution to become a dad through adoption through fostering...he has a couple times where he is able to have kids in his home that doesn't work out and another chance comes along to help a 16 year old boy, Wilder...he is an amazing dad...being the one thing that Wilder has never had someone who loves him and cares for his needs...over the next two years things change in both of their eyes...when Wilder turns 18, Penn gives into him...and the connection and the steam that they have is off the charts.. Wild has a project due and that project shifts everything in Penn's eyes...this one ends in a cliffie and had me saying Noooooo I need more...but Raquel definitely left it in a good place...
  • Sins of My Father on May 03, 2023

    Raquel will never cease to amaze me with her amazing books...Sins of My Father brought us deliciously dirty and taboo goodness to all of us taboo loving people....Penn and Wild's story continues in this book where we see what happens when the truth becomes reality and will they be able to continue their love story...my heart was truly hurting for Penn having to deal with 16 years of missed times and opportunities...Raquel gives.us such a beautiful HEA that they both truly deserve and the love.they had always craved...definitely A MUST READ!!!!