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Vinma is an Insurance Broker by profession and blogger by passion.

While she has myriad interests, her absolute delight is writing about things that interest her. And Insurance happens to be one of them. Some may think of this as strange as there is nothing that is really interesting about insurance, right? Well, wrong! In her career as an Insurance Advisor, Vinma has come across some pretty amusing incidents while dealing with her clientele which she is compelled to share with her readers. The experiences she wants to share pertains to myths people entertain about insurance. And she would like to debunk them all once and for all.

When she is not writing or blogging, you will find Vinma meeting up with her clients to discuss life insurance and Estate Planning. If not working, she will be probably busy running after her little ones at the backyard or at the park. Writing about life as a busy parent is another interest of hers and since blogging about it is not enough, Vinma plans to strike again with another book that is still on the works. The subject? Busy Parenting of course!

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A Pocket Guide to Everyday Insurance
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 24,090. Language: English. Published: April 30, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Insurance business, Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Insurance / automobile
"A pocket Guide to Everyday Insurance" is designed to make your life easy. This book is all you need to face your deal with Insurance no matter from which walk of life you are from. Approach Insurance like a pro in your next encounter with the help of A Pocket Guide to Everyday Insurance.

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  • Samskaras on July 06, 2013

    I have just finished reading the book, ‘Samskaras’ by Melissa Lummis. Originally, the plan was just to read the Book 2 in the Love and Light series just because the name of the book intrigued me so much. Why, you ask? Well, The word ‘Samskaras’ take routes from a language called ‘Sanskrit’ which is in close affinity with my mother tongue ‘Malayalam’. I was so surprised when I came across this ‘word’ in the ever so vast world of pure English literature and immediately felt proud of my own routes and the culture where I hail from. Staying true to the meaning of the word, the Author succeeds in bringing out the full implications of one’s samskaras (the deep impressions that comes from our past experiences and that we accumulate from our ongoing life experiences.) I was enthralled by the book and decided to read the Book 1 too which was titled, ‘Enlightened’ from where Loti Dupree’s life begins. What began as a failed assassination attempt on the Vampire, Wolf by the evil Vampire Modore to gain control on the Light Walker, Loti in Book 1 Enlightened, takes a turn for the worse in Book 2, Samskaras. Modore strives to bond with Loti because he thinks that the coming together with Loti will bring immense power and immortality for him. Loti’s special nature and powers renders her very vulnerable and her bondmate, Wolf makes the momentous decision to join hands with some dark forces from his past with whom he worked with before. Before it gets too far, Loti and Wolf realizes that they are now tangled up in an intricate web of treachery and conspiracy of government black ops mess. In their efforts to get out of the disaster that they created in its wake, Wolf and Loti makes a serious error of uncovering the face of the enemy in their midst. The vampire family and the witches clan to whom Wolf and Loti belong to are unable to save the Love and Light at the crucial moments and they take a fateful downward spiral into the ominous darkness. Will Modore succeed in separating the Love and Light and be granted of his wishes in owning Loti? Will the Good prevail over Evil this time around and be successful in banishing the dark powers forever? Or nothing will remain in the catastrophe that ensues in the wake of the separation between Love and Light- Wolf and Loti? There is only one way to find out... read the book! My rating, you ask? It is a whooping 4 and half! Yeah!