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  • A girl and her dogs- For kids on April 24, 2013

    I really have to be honest here. This 'book' reminds me of a third grader writing a paragraph. The sentences are too choppy, the dialogue is just one long run on conversation that a child wouldn't be able to follow. The concept is good, but I personally don't see this a book worthy material.
  • Zombie Nights on March 08, 2014

    'Zombie Nights' caught my eye for two reasons. The first being my love for a good Zombie story. The second for being so short. I was craving a short, interesting read to start my day. Tom Lichtenberg gave me exactly what I was looking for. Following Dave's thought process as he relearns how to act human is a fascinating twist on a zombie story. I didn't much like the twist ending but overall a great read.
  • The Last Moment Loop on March 08, 2014

    I love how Robert Hill is able to convey such sadness in so few words. A very beautiful story.
  • Leonard And Molly on March 08, 2014

    I read this story because I had previously read Robert Hill's second story 'The Last Moment Loop' and loved how catching and emotional such a short story could be. 'Leonard and Molly' was no different. The brief, but extremely descriptive look into Leonard's mind after finding out that his wife was cheating on him paints a brilliantly clear picture of Leonard. The twist at the end is bittersweet though.