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  • As The Sun Goes Down on April 26, 2013
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    As The Sun Goes Down is a charming series of vignettes into life. I enjoyed the varied glimpses into characters who were both interesting and likeable. I can relate to having a 'hat'. Something that makes you feel so on top of the world that you almost feel a different person and was able to be taken to instances in my life where that has been the case. Thoroughly enjoyable, even if brief, leaving me wanting a larger glimpse!
  • Jack Dawkins on May 08, 2013

    The Artful Dodger was, perhaps, an undervalued character. Not in Jack Dawkins. Oliver does not take center stage, which was charming. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, from the opening scene on the return voyage to a city that threw him out, to the ending that I was extremely concerned would be too predictable and tame in order to achieve comfort but was pleasantly surprising. There are delightful supporting characters, interconnected story lines, threads that are reintroduced as the plot progresses and a re-imagining of a scruffy urchin that many of us thought we were familiar with. Enjoyable read.