Richard Money


Richard Money was ordained a Roman Catholic priest on March 14, 1964. He married three years later on March 29, 1967. Today he is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Missouri with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Webster University, a Clinical Hypnotherapist for 25 years and although retired, still works part-time in his private practice. He has four children and six grandchildren, a source of joy and a gift from the Lord. In case anyone wonders…they too have been Saved.

This is a tale of his spiritual and physical journey and events that he encountered as a renegade priest with some viewpoints and observations of religion and history. Hopefully, the reader will gain some insight into the world of spirituality for the years to come and will be motivated to have a closer connection to God and not to religion as such. There are many questions asked but the answers are up to the reader.


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