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Smashwords book reviews by monkeywithfanta

  • Blue is for Boys on Oct. 25, 2011

    Witty, brilliant and INCREDIBLY funny, Blue Is For Boys mixes down-to-earth attitudes, futuristic thinking and a whole load of comedy in a cocktail that anyone can love! And make it shaken, not stirred please. I couldn't put this book down once I picked it up. It's hard not to downright burst out laughing while reading. The text is fresh and witty, but the characters are portrayed so realistically. I could easily put myself into Ravi's shoes and imagine every step of his wild predicament. This story is well worth reading for anyone who's looking for a good time and a bigger laugh!
  • A Trick of the Eye on July 03, 2012

    A beautiful fast and well-balanced story giving just the right touch of native American taste and sweet romance. Tohono Sihu and Blake Farley are brought together by an unexpected twist of Fate, but Fate decides to stick around. Set in the harsh backdrop of the desert, where survival of the fittest is law, A Trick of the Eye brings with it a tasteful tinge of culture and viewpoint. All capped off with a final twist at the end. For a short story, A Trick of the Eye holds itself up well and isn't bogged by unnecessarily long explanations or excessively complex plot items (which are more appropriate for full-length novels). A good story which is well worth reading!!