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. I am definitely a product of my societal environment and have all the “T” shirts to prove it. Of course I passed those traits down to my child and never stopped to think why I did what I did. I have made some really good and bad choices over the years, but never took the time to really process who I was. When I got laid off that May, which I think Mary had a hand in, I finally got the freedom to write this book and figure out why I have a space in this world. Since childhood, I have had all these “different” ideas, and thought everyone had the same way of thinking. I figured out a lot of stuff working in the yard, but kept it to myself. I never made the choice to speak up. To top it off, I have worked in corporate America for over 30 years and have seen so much wreckage regarding the value of people. I have always been a process/process improvement geek, but my choices of employment didn’t seem like the right environments to understand what I was thinking. So I just shut up. Well that all changed recently. For reasons currently unknown to me, right after I was laid off, I got picked to write down the Messages from Mary. In my mind, She started out to be just my little personal Angel who I had known about for years. As I grew, through writing this book, she revealed Her true power and position. I will let you figure that one out. Since She is the co-author, I’ll talk a little about Her. She has a tremendous heart, and a sense of humor like a vaudeville comedian. She is playful and gentle. The best friend you would ever want to have. It is just that she has wings and you can’t take her out in public, yet. She can be very pushy when she means business, but will reward my efforts when She knows I have done a good job. I am definitely not the same person that I was when I started this book. She has allowed me the time to process her information so that I get it right. She had to repeat a few lessons, but I finally got the essence. She has more books to come and has mentioned a movie and seminars. Hope she picks me for those too. As a first time writer, I hit the jackpot with a co-author, wouldn’t you say. Well, I keep thanking Her and She keeps loading me up with information. But who am I to question an Angel, especially when you know who Her Father is. I am finally getting to know Him too, and He is really pretty special. He has a great sense of humor too and the more I get to know Him, the more I appreciate His personality. He loves to celebrate every little success and is very non-judgmental when I make a mistake. I think I will stick with them both.
Nice to have them on my team. Mary and I hope you enjoy the book and learn as much as I have writing it. Hang on to me Mary!

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Describe your desk
Ah ha, my desk. It is all over the house. Little piles of notes here, post it notes over there.... But I know where it all is when I need it. Computer in the living room right next to my easy chair (inspiration chair). And printer in the other room. Thank heavens for wireless printers. I do try to have notebooks for different projects. Then it is remembering to put the new material in the right notebook.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Texas, and, as a kid, spent lots of time with my grandfather at his lake house. Being out in nature from a young age, instilled a thirst for being outside in the elements and discovering critters that inhabited the area. Lots of horned toads back then. I have had the good fortune to live on two different farms, and the inspiration from each was amazing. My love for animals has developed into a respect for why they are with us and what they have to offer us in the way of life lessons. That's what I want to get down on paper and share with others.
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Hang On To Me Mary: the timely and timeless messages from Mary
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 57,460. Language: English. Published: June 9, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Inspiration » Personal inspiration, Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Self-realization
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What would you do if Mother Mary came to your door and said “we have to talk”? What I did was drop what I was doing, got out my pad and pencil and took notes… for nine months.

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