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Smashwords book reviews by monroe905

  • A Course in Murder on Dec. 27, 2011

    I thought this was great cozy mystery that moved along quickly. The characters were interesting and the plot took a few twists. I also enjoyed reliving college in the time frame of the book. Ah, those were the days of all women dorms and house mothers! Very enjoyable book! I wonder if there are any more Button books!
  • Love and the Art of War on May 30, 2012

    Jane is a middle aged London librarian who has a lot of problems: possible job loss, a rebellious teenage daughter, a mother who lives upstairs and a husband who she believes is wanting to leave her. When she decides to go to a women's class to help save her marriage, she ends up in a class with all men called the Art of War. The instructor convinces her to stay in the class and use the 36 Battle Stratagems to save her marriage. After many attempts to use the battle techniques, Jane begins to make progress. As time goes on though, she wonders who exactly is the enemy: her husband, his mistress or Jane herself? I did find this book to be interesting, and funny in places. The 36 chapters,one for each stratagem, did seem to make the book a little long in the middle. I did stick with the book because I did want to see what happened to Jane's marriage.
  • Our Urban Utopia on July 01, 2012

    The premise of Our Urban Utopia is that four women have a business that caters to their select clients' sexual fantasies. However a serial killer decides that they will be his next victims. It is a mystery/suspense novel with a little sex and a little gore, but fortunately not enough to put me off. Each chapter is told by a different character which I thought was well done. You get to know the characters better and it adds to the suspense. Great read! This author just keeps getting better.
  • Framed for Murder on Dec. 14, 2012

    Road Kill is a cozy murder mystery where a woman finds the body of her ex-husband and becomes the prime suspect in his murder. She feels that she must investigate to clear herself and her son. Some of the things she did while investigating bordered on ridiculous, but it makes for a good story. Sometimes I felt is was a little slow moving and would have been helped with a subplot. Motive did move from one suspect to another which did keep me wondering until the end. A little more romance would have been nice, maybe in the sequel? Thanks to the author for the free copy which in no way influenced my review.
  • Tall Tales Twin-Pack, Mysteries on Sep. 17, 2013

    This twin pack of short story mysteries are well written. "The House on Cliffside" was written like a "cozy mystery". I have to say that the ending was not a surprise to me, but was still fun to read. "In the Playground", on the other hand, was more suspenseful and had an unpredictable ending. I enjoyed both stories. I received a copy of the book by the author which did not influence my review.