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  • Armored Hearts on May 14, 2013

    'Armored Hearts' is the perfect book for me. I love fairies and steampunk. Pauline and Melissa merged these two concepts so awesomely that I just fell in love. Besides that, it has some mystery and action, and everything is set in a historical era, which was described very accurate for the time. I think the characters are well developed and the storyline was seamless. The book ends giving room for a sequel, but does not leave anything unresolved or plot holes. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that the story felt a little bit rushed because the book is short! I think they could've stretched it more without losing the audience. Also, if any of the characters had died at any point, I wouldn't have been too torn by it because I wanted to love them more than I did. Yes, we can tell that Gareth has an emotional wall; we can see that Jessamine is independent and determined, Tabitha is sweet yet very intelligent and focused, but I wanted more depth. The villains are dealt with too easily (it reminded me of 'The Difference Between Night and Day'). I need more sense of urgency to be stretched out longer. I hope the authors are not scared of adding an extra 100 pages, lol. I loved the "Bonnet Club" and I hope they get deeper into it in another book *hint, hint* All in all, it's a great story full of romance, action, fantasy and sci-fi. What else can you ask for?