Penny Mooney

Smashwords book reviews by Penny Mooney

  • Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One on March 28, 2018

    The name of this book is very telling about the story line. I will warn that it has a trigger for abuse and also has erotic content. The story takes place in the 40's. This is an era where women were still subject to their husband's every wish. Divorce was unheard of and a lot of women suffered in silence. The first chapter grabbed and drew me into the story. The characters are complex and the plot is exceptional. The story line flows from the beginning to the end. Sarah was an abused wife and after her husband dies she enters into an illicit affair. I won't go any farther into the plot because I don't want to spoil it. The author shows an understanding of the abuse women took back in the 30's and 40's before they won their rights. He shows a great writing ability to bring the reader the story of one woman's abuse. I give this book a 5 star rating. This is my first book by Ronald Walker but won't be my last.