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Smashwords book reviews by Moonhawk

  • Gods of Kiranis on Sep. 13, 2012

    I do not feel adequate to write a review of this book. Simply put, this is the best new book I have found in the Sci Fi/Fantasy/Adventure/etc. genre, published or not. It is truly the whole package so rarely found: it is an amazing story, and the writing is polished and a joy to read. It is a great universe to be in, a great storyline that gets better, not worse, as the pages turn. The characters, even those that have short appearances, are real, life-like, and believable. Even if you don’t understand all of the undercurrents and reasons for their actions, you know that they have them, and you can believe that the character is not just a pin to hold together the cycle of events, but a being making decisions for their interests. Every piece of this book feels polished, and the interweaving of plots and subplots all is masterfully crafted. My advice: download this now while you can, because pretty soon Geobey will move on to the realms of publishers and we will not have the privilege of reading him for free. That is okay, though, as I plan on reading whatever he writes from now on, regardless of the price.