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Smashwords book reviews by Moose

  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on April 25, 2011

    I loved this book; I couldn’t put it down. I don’t usually read books with werewolves and such. That said, after reading this book, I think I have found a genre that I will be spending a lot more time reading. I was captured at once by the characters and the werewolf community. As soon as I finished this book, I couldn’t wait to read another. I’m hooked and can’t wait to see what will happen next.
  • The Keeping on April 25, 2011

    This book picks up in the perfect place after the last book, The Mating. It is a new tale for Ryne while building on the readers existing knowledge from the last book without rehashing the same events. Brilliant! As soon as I finished The Mating I wanted to know what happens to Ryne, Bryan and Daniel. I was glad to see the story center around Ryne and Mel. I can’t wait to see what happens to Cassandra Greyson!
  • The Finding on April 25, 2011

    Another great read. I read The Mating and The Keeping and was in love with this secret world. There are so many things, people, and places at the beginning that without the background of the other books one might not understand what is going on. I couldn’t wait for all the pieces to tie together. Once all the threads were woven together, I was again entangled in the story and didn’t want to stop reading. I hope that Nicky Charles can and does keep adding to this series; I would love to see what happens with Daniel, Tessa, Damien or Samantha. I also might be fun to learn more about the European pack that Tessa came from.
  • The Cowboy's Wish on June 18, 2011

    So far this is the only thing that I have read by Ruth Ann Nordin that I didn’t like. It is a short story that left me with too many questions about the characters. The female is so annoying that I instantly hated her. Maybe readers are supposed to hate her?
  • A Chance in Time on June 18, 2011

    Quirky is the word I use to sum up this story. Time travel always seems to add fun to a romance. Not as well rounded and complete as some of the other stories by Ruth Ann Nordin. Usually when I’m done with a story, I don’t want my journey with the main characters to end, but the character that sparks my curiosity is Martha/Woape. I wonder…
  • A Bride for Tom on June 18, 2011

    This is the second novella I read by Ruth Ann Nordin, the first being A Husband for Margaret. This story takes place before A Husband for Margaret. I enjoy the way the author describes Tom, I can almost feel his nervousness with women. I thoroughly enjoyed the dancing/ hair tangle scene- I actually laughed out loud. Ruth Ann Nordin does a wonderful job depicting characters with character that they seem so real, especially nervous Tom. Definitely worth the read
  • A Husband for Margaret on June 18, 2011

    This is the first story/novella I read by Ruth Ann Nordin although it takes place after A Bride for Tom. Margaret is Jessica’s friend in A Bride for Tom. This story picks up right after A Bride for Tom when Margaret is expecting to met Paul her mail order husband but Paul’s brother and all his kids show up instead. Mrs. Nordin does an amazing job of telling a whole story in half the pages. Her use of humor, romances and some very human moments keep the story moving along so well that I read it in one sitting.