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Smashwords book reviews by Marisa

  • Catch an Honest Thief on Sep. 04, 2010

    I've liked it a lot. Very fast-paced, entertaining but not funny (if you know what I mean), characters with quite a few layers and an unexpected end. I think it worths reading it.
  • Under Witch Moon on Oct. 10, 2010

    I've liked it a lot. You feel that it's a normal world, only with some "special" inhabitants. The main character is very real for me, and it has a very good plot.
  • Under Witch Aura on Dec. 20, 2011

    If you have liked a lot the first book in a series, it's complicated that the next one fulfills your expectations. This book has done it and more. Not your traditional fantasy, but a "normal" world with magic around, you find real characters who have some additional layers. No big fires and fights (at least in fireworks), but some hard ones. The fears that the author describes are common ones (insects!), but you feel then. Not your book if you like your heroines "super", or too quirky, but if you like real characters, I think you can like it.