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  • Angel's Assassin on May 20, 2013

    Angel’s Assassin by Laurel O’Donnell is suspenseful historic romance. Lady Aurora lives in the time of romantic castles, ambitious missions and far-reaching cruelty. Her task is to undo the evil her mother has spread throughout the land under her rule, but Aurora is up to the task. A stranger enters the picture winning her trust, while keeping his true purpose behind his visit secret. Damien is a slave and a trained assassin. He is good at what he does, so good, in fact, that his master agrees to release him if he kills one last person. As a cold, calculating killer Damien never asks why a person must die, he just carries out his duty that is until he meets Aurora. The woman shines like a light into his dark life, illuminating corners he’d forgotten, making him yearn for both home and love. The only problem is to gain his freedom he must kill the only woman who ever truly cared about him. Lady Aurora is aware her mother’s evil continues to reap consequences no matter how hard Aurora works to correct the wrong done. Her mother’s killer might possibly come back for her. Dark brooding Damien enters her world upsetting her already tenuous balance by creating forbidden desires for someone not of her station. She finds herself drawn to the unsuitable man. He is a stranger who keeps so much from her. Even though she knows all the reasons to stay away from Damien, she fails to heed them. Angel’s Assassin moves at a nice pace with excellent descriptions and supporting characters. There is a period flavor with no textbook-feel history lessons. Damien and Aurora’s romance progresses in stages as most romances realistically do. Usually finding out your lover is also your assassin is a bit off putting. As a reader, I wanted the two to work out their differences with no bloodshed. Angel’s Assassin is a wonderful page-turner romance. Make sure you have enough time to finish it because you will not be putting it down. Two thumbs up for Ms. O’Donnell and Angel’s Assassin.