Morgan Mandel


Morgan Mandel writes mysteries, thrillers and romances, depending on which mood seizes her.

Her first book, a mystery, Two Wrongs, set in Chicago, is available here at Smashwords.

At Amazon for kindle you'll find Morgan's romantic comedies, Girl of My Dreams, as well as Her Handyman and its sequel, A Perfect Angel. The romances Christmas Carol and its sequel Hailey's Chance are also at Amazon.
If you like romantic suspense, see Killer Career and Awake on Amazon.

Morgan lives in a Chicago suburb with her husband and dog, and loves to take part in local events, play Bingo, go to garage and rummage sales and play the slots. The latter she reserves for vacations so she doesn't go broke!

Morgan is very active online.
Facebook Page: - Morgan Mandel

She's a past President of the Chicago-North Chapter of Romance Writers of America and also served as Library Liaison for Midwest Mystery Writers of America
Before her book writing career, Morgan freelanced for the Daily Herald newspaper.


This member has not published any books.

Smashwords book reviews by Morgan Mandel

  • Danger in Deer Ridge on Dec. 30, 2011

    Each night, before going to sleep, I like to read. One evening, I started reading Danger In Deer Ridge, but it was so late I had to stop and get some sleep. Little did I know that the book would bring on a nightmare about people chasing me. Yes, that's what happened, but the next day I had to read more so I could find out what else happened in the story. The predicament of Elizabeth and her son drew me in. I could feel her mistrust and fear over what to some people would seem like ordinary occurrences. When you're on the run from a cruel relationship and have to be careful about every person you meet and everything you do, even the most common activities or words from people you meet can take on sinister overtones. The author did a good job of making me care for Elizabeth and her son. Being human and not perfect, she made some mistakes in judgment, which made her situation all the more precarious, yet at heart she was a good person with the best interests of her son at heart. I enjoyed the reverse Cinderella aspect, in which she went to great measures to downplay her looks so her identity would not be discovered. Of course, I, as the reader, knew she really looked terrific! Also, I very much liked Grinch, who did a good job of balancing his life as a father with his duties as protector for Elizabeth. The fact that she mistrusted him made his job that much more difficult. I highly recommend this book. Very likable characters, and enough suspense to keep you guessing, or, as in my case, to give you a nightmare.