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  • Attack of the Lushites on July 26, 2011

    I do not want to be overly harsh but the only reason I fully read this "book" was because it was an Early Reviewer "book" through LibraryThing. I don't think it is too much for me to ask that a book have gone through some basic editing and revisions as needed before being presented as a professional piece of work. This feels like it was written in a weekend. Punctuation was lacking, words were misspelled, run-on sentences abounded, descriptions were redundant, and the author couldn't even keep the names of his characters straight! Another review I saw mentioned Bud was called Jal - well, Jack was also called Jal a couple times. I am a fan of humorous books, have read all of Hitchhikers (as this author claims to aim for). I have to say it failed miserably. It is not funny, not even slightly amusing. The author rips off several things from other franchises, most glaring being Star Trek. I wish I could say there was at least one thing I liked as I know a person wrote this and I want to be compassionate but... it was so painfully bad to read. There is nothing to redeem it.