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  • The Shrew Untamed on Sep. 22, 2011

    I was looking forward to reading this for quite awhile and finally got the chance. "Shrew Untamed" was one book that was worth the wait. James Carter was able to keep the essence of Shakespeare's characters while showing their change and growth after a year of marriage. I couldn't stop reading this play. It was so easy to be drawn in to the story. All of the characters are written in such a way that they just spring to life. I found myself cheering on Maria, horror struck by Bianca's actions, in awe of Kate and Petruchio's relationship. Even if I had never read "Taming of the Shrew" I would have loved this play. James Carter answers the question what happens after marriage. It was a hilarious reminder that although we have come a long way since Shakespeare's day the struggles in a marriage remain the same. "Shrew Untamed" was an excellent conclusion to the classic. I would and am recommending this book as a great read whether you like Shakespeare or not.