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  • Coast of Tears on Aug. 12, 2012

    Wow... I enjoyed reading this book sooo much, the characters are so real and grow on you. I wished I was a publisher as David is such a gifted writer, his books deserve to be published and be presented to the larger public. Also David's book have a rich educational value, it helped me to realise how the early pioneers battled such difficult circumstances to bring Australia into a properous and successful country it is today. Keep writing David, your name will always be remembered in your beautiful writings.
  • Friend Beyond Death on Aug. 12, 2012

    This book even surpassed your first publication, I didn't think it possible but you did it David, congratulations! We are living in a time that a lot of rubbish books are published and become even bestsellers. Davids book deserves a gold medal. When started on this book I could not put it down, it was as I became part of it and was living in a different time warp. This book has it all, adventure - emotions - romantics - frienships - loyalty - relationships - determination etc, in short all the attributes which makes life wonderful and exiting, and you David gave me a beautiful gift by writing this wonderful book. Thank you Thank you and keep writing.