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We’re Sofia and Michael, two normal parents, just like you.

We started potty training our daughter Stella the same way many parents do; by putting her on the potty according to a routine schedule, with the hope of catching something.

Sure enough, every once in a while she did succeed but that was more luck than anything else. We did not see any signs that she had understood what the potty was for and why we put her there. Instead she seemed mostly confused and frustrated.

In addition to what Stella experienced we also became frustrated and somewhat desperate. At the time we could not figure out what was wrong, but we would soon make several important discoveries, which we cover in detail in our book.

The turning point came during dinner with some Italian friends. They told us about an approach to potty training, which they successfully did with their then 2 year old, who became nappy free in less than 2 weeks!

We got very curious about how they did that and wrote down some bullet points on a piece of paper.

We were really inspired by their story, and the possibility to follow a plan instead of just winging it, really struck a cord with us. Now we were going to do this!

We started with some more research since many questions were still unanswered, and then we got started.

It took Stella only two days to understand what to do and when. She had then successfully learnt to recognize her body signal, to control her body, and to walk to the potty and do what was needed.

We had the occasional accident happen after those two days, but they soon became more rare.

Stella had in two days mastered the very basics of potty training, and we couldn´t have been more happy. And you know what, the following weeks and months passed like a breeze. Stella was 18 months old at the time.

Since then everyone we´ve met have asked us how we did it.

A lot of people have asked us to write down our best tips and guidelines so that they could potty train their own children. That ´s how we came up with the idea for this book.

Now we focus 110% on making as many parents as possible aware of the possibilities with dedicated potty training.

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