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  • The Moon Dwellers on Nov. 30, 2012

    The Moon Dwellers is an interesting read about a society living underground after an apocalypse. The main heroine Adele is falsely imprisoned by the corrupt government because of her parents. She escapes and goes on a quest to rescue her father from a different prison, and figure out why she has a strange connection to the leader's son. I really enjoy dystopia and fantasy, and this was the first underground novel I have read since City of Ember. Like the people of Ember, the Moon Dwellers (and Sun and Star Dwellers) are living underground after an apocalypse. But with the Moon Dwellers, the scale is much larger. Instead of a single city, we are talking many cities and separate castes along with politics, conflicts, and strife. It is much darker than Ember but also much grander. I would say it is like a cross of City of Ember and the Hunger Games. One interesting difference is that with Ember, the physical world was crumbling and they were really on borrowed time. With the Moon Dwellers, society seems to be self-sufficient and the issues are more political/human nature/caste-driven. I do have to wonder how they manufacture everything they need when they are in caves, how they pulled off massive construction projects, where they get their electricity, and how they are able to produce food (like chocolate) when supposedly all of the plants of the surface were destroyed. But we are talking about the future here (at least 500 years) so perhaps they have advanced technology. This book met my criteria for an excellent read: I didn't want to put it down, I never got bored, and I wanted to out and read the sequel. And most of all, I enjoyed it. The action did get off to a slightly slow start as the world and characters are introduced, but then things really picked up once Adele meets some friends and starts her journey. The majority of the main characters are well developed and I cared about their fate. The bad guys are somewhat one-dimensional, but I guess that is somewhat believable actually since they are government-paid thugs. There were quite a few moments of incredible luck/coincidence but that is actually referred to in the book as part of the plot (and presumably will be explained in the next book). The pacing was pretty good and I was able to read the book in just a few days. Note there were a few spots of light sexual references so be advised for very young audiences. All in all, I found this novel to be an excellent read and I am looking forward to reading the next book. NOTE: I received a copy of this book free in exchange for reviewing it