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Smashwords book reviews by Crash Froelich

  • Unbreakable on Dec. 20, 2009

    Unbreakable is a rocket-propelled rollercoaster ride that takes two young people in love and changes them forever in the crucible of the Bosnian conflict. Rosa Miretti, a courageous war correspondent fallen ill to the ravages of dementia, and Pete Rorke, a freelance reporter and ex-Marine who dares to stick his nose into war zones in search of the truth; are not only collaborators and colleagues, but also lovers engaged to be wed. Be warned: Every notion you’ve ever had about this war will be challenged, no matter what side you’re on. Just when one thinks the narrative has committed to a particular political point of view, the tables turn in the most poignant and disturbing ways to challenge preconceptions of good and evil in this ugliest of conflicts. The reader will be left thrilled and staggered by the depth of the story and the horrors that men are willing to inflict upon one another. There have been precious few books that deal with the realities of armed conflict like Unbreakable. This is humanity reduced to our most basic impulses – and our loftiest. You won’t be disappointed. You can’t be disappointed. It’s impossible to recommend this book highly enough.
  • Games of Adversaries on March 08, 2013

    Games of Adversaries is written with an eclecticism that takes the clash of cultures conflict to places it has never known. On one hand is a civilization of such technological refinement that it's citizens are virtually immune to the vagaries of nature, controlling their environment as easily as you or I would flip a light switch. What could possibly be a threat to the individual, especially a prince of the realm, in such a utopia? On the other hand, we have a world in which the people must respect the uncaring whims of Mother Nature or die. A place where the height of technology is a reliable water supply. That such vastly different groups find one another is a story as old as humankind and as new as the dawn of each day. Where the natural ills of the world have been mastered, only the evil intent of one's fellow beings presents danger. And that menace results in the prince of an unthinkably advanced kingdom being undone. So perfectly exiled that his survival, and that of the men he comes to know and rely upon, requires coming to terms with the serpent in Eden as well as the deficiencies ease of life has made in his character. Games of Adversaries is much more than particle beam weapon meets poleax. It is an exploration of the fundamental meaning of humanity and how character is forged in the fires of adversity. Read the book and you will understand.
  • Ageless on Aug. 14, 2013

    Creation is more than the eye beholds or the mind comprehends. In the gamut from the quantum to the cosmic, human understanding is an infinitesimal interstice, a mere sliver of knowledge which leaves the workings of the Universe largely unknown. And the unknown can touch people in devastating ways. Ageless peers beyond the mortal horizon, opening the door to comprehension of that which has been called magic or myth. An orphaned girl with the potential to unravel the greater meaning of existence is manipulated, tortured, abused, and forced to kill. Worst of all, she’s coerced into formulating the means of reducing the entire human race to a state of abject slavery, a bondage as inescapable as one’s own biological processes. It’s possible for a runaway to defeat chains, flee pursuing hounds, and disappear into the places unfit for civilization. It’s impossible to elude the inexorable death of a body turned against itself. The girl finds a way to free herself, with the help of fellow warriors who have already realized their potential and can help her nurture her own power. This band of Ageless, immortals who exist unseen in the mists at the fringes of reality, must find the means to defeat the One World League and their misanthropic drive to dominate all of mankind for their own benefit. Otherwise, life with freedom of thought and self-determination will cease to exist. They have the power and the determination, but will it be enough? Ageless blends existential horror, fatalistic humor, cutting-edge science, and a compelling conflict that moves with urgent grace. And in these times of over-reaching government and cronyism, something more – a warning. Read it and you will know. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.