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  • Games of Adversaries on March 08, 2013

    Games of Adversaries is written with an eclecticism that takes the clash of cultures conflict to places it has never known. On one hand is a civilization of such technological refinement that it's citizens are virtually immune to the vagaries of nature, controlling their environment as easily as you or I would flip a light switch. What could possibly be a threat to the individual, especially a prince of the realm, in such a utopia? On the other hand, we have a world in which the people must respect the uncaring whims of Mother Nature or die. A place where the height of technology is a reliable water supply. That such vastly different groups find one another is a story as old as humankind and as new as the dawn of each day. Where the natural ills of the world have been mastered, only the evil intent of one's fellow beings presents danger. And that menace results in the prince of an unthinkably advanced kingdom being undone. So perfectly exiled that his survival, and that of the men he comes to know and rely upon, requires coming to terms with the serpent in Eden as well as the deficiencies ease of life has made in his character. Games of Adversaries is much more than particle beam weapon meets poleax. It is an exploration of the fundamental meaning of humanity and how character is forged in the fires of adversity. Read the book and you will understand.