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  • Rysykk's Rise on July 03, 2012

    Wow, I really loved reading this story and it definitely kept me from studying for University... The characters are well developed and the story is refreshingly original. The story had a nice balance of adventure and erotica, some desperation, angst, drama, and sweet and hot man-on-man action.
  • Prometheus Comes on July 30, 2012

    A shockingly accurate description of a very possible future - at least in regards to Earth. How easily the suppressed become the oppressed and the uselessness of violence are described in a very palpable way. Although Earth shows a possible future, the new planet gives an idea of what Earth could have developed into, if the industrial revolution had not taken place. Although I absolutely enjoyed reading this entertaining book and had it finished in record time, I would still suggest reading this with students in school. It's not a heavy or difficult to read book at all, but it sensitizes the reader to the current economic problems.
  • The Lost Starship on July 30, 2012

    Each chapter is kind of stand-alone-ish, like a good-night chapter for each evening. Personally not my thing, but for people who like that, this is a good book. I was a bit struck by the story-teller's very certain opinion that Great-Britain is the absolutely greatest nation on Earth and that any other country was far less great. The lost ship is a collector of great technology, never-ending life and absolute superiority, which appears to be what everyone should be aiming for and which will bring happyness... Personally, I was a bit disappointed, but maybe I simply expected too much. Thus only two stars.