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Smashwords book reviews by FranJessca Papillion

  • Ties To The Blood Moon on Jan. 12, 2012

    I always love reading books from new authors that I haven't tried out yet. I came across Robin P. Waldrop at is my fave site to be on. Once I read the description of "Ties of the Blood Moon", I knew I had to see what it was all about. First off, this is my first book I've read that has it's location in Alaska. Usually, when you read about Vampires it's in Louisiana or another southern state (except for Twilight of course). Werewolves are usually in northern Washington, Colorado, etc. It's time for a book to have most of it's action in Alaska. One state I would love to visit. Robin P. Waldrop takes you into a different world of Werewolves and Vampires. They work together, actually. Well...kind of. The werewolves have been waiting for their princess to come back and take the throne. ***That's a storyline never used before...and I really enjoyed it***. She throws in twists and turns you weren't the ending. Really...Robin...that was not expected. I kept thinking other things, but you really threw me off. Sorry, everyone I'm not spoiling anything about this book. If you want to find out what Robin does, you need to read it for yourself. I hate giving out spoilers. Now for one of the things that I wasn't really fond the beginning it just dragged on, with a love development story between the characters. It did remind me a little bit about Twilight in the beginning, but after awhile, it took it a different turn...which made me like it again. Sometimes, having too much of a development of romance in the characters and not enough action, makes me want to put down a book and stop reading it. I can't stand heroines who also complain and whine. Genevieve did irritate me in parts of the books, but that's because she's a teenager. I remember being a teenager, but I'm glad I didn't act like her in certain parts of the book when she gave her Aunt a hard time. I will say this, Robin, definitely had me loving the characters, Joseph and Luna in the book. I especially loved Joseph. There is just something about him, I like better than William. Luna of course is an amazing friend to Genevieve and I loved how Robin writes about the friendship between Luna and Genevieve. You don't usually see that in books. You usually just read about the romance, not friendship. I recommend this to anyone who loves a different twist to the vampire/werewolf stories and who also loves twists and turns. You'll definitely get a few "What the heck" and "No way" in this book.
  • Runaway Heart on Nov. 02, 2012

    Claudy Conn has done it again...she sucked me in another Regency Historical Romance and made me fall in love with the characters and their world. Lord Wainwright is now going on my list of FAVE sexy, male characters that I would to not tell my hubby. =) Chelsea is wanting to make her mark in the world and find the man who will sweep her off her feet, just like her friends keep talking about. She's about to turn 19 and she wants to meet the one person who will make her happy for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, she's dealing with Aunt drama who has not even been there for her since she received guardianship of Chelsea. She just wants Chelsea because of the trust money she has. Chelsea runs to her Godmother's house to be around someone who really adores and loves her for who she is. Daisy, her godmother, wants to find a perfect suitor for Chelsea and enrolls her nephews help to get Chelsea out there in front of the eligible bachelors eyes. Lord Wainwright does not want to watch over a child, at least that is what he thinks of her when he first sees her, until Chelsea has a make over and now Lord Wainwright cannot keep his eyes off of her. He knows it is wrong to have feelings for Chelsea, but he cannot help himself. There is something about the beautiful Chelsea that has him in a bind. Augusta, Chelsea's Aunt, who is nothing, but a vindictive woman is even more angry with Chelsea since Chelsea seems to be stealing away Augusta's handsome rogue. Now Augusta wants Chelsea out of the way and she has recruited her brother to help her sweep Chelsea away from the man she has had her eyes on for awhile...and her brother is ruthless enough to do anything to have Chelsea for himself since money is involved and his greedy for more. Chelsea is about to be thrown in a world she has to become adult quick and she finds herself in love with a man who may belong to another and a world where men will do anything to have her because of how much she is worth. Seriously...I love Claudy Conn's regency romances. She has me fall in love with the rogue every time and she also has me loving the female characters as well. Even the secondary characters are ones that I fell in love with. Not only is Chelsea having her moment of love...but so is her Godmother, Daisy, which is definitely a match made in heaven. Daisy deserved a happily ever after as well for everything she had gone through. The villains in the story are ruthless and it seems it is a family trait. They will do anything to get what they want. Claudy Conn definitely knows how to transport you back in time where men tried everything to sweep a woman off their feet so they can marry them. I will say this, Lord Wainwright can sweep me off my feet anytime. I'm jealous over Chelsea. The steamy scenes between the characters will require you taking a cold shower afterwards though, so be prepared ahead of time. I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading historical romances, is a fan of Claudy Conn, and loves to fall in love with a rogue who becomes tamed because of one beautiful young lady who changes his ways. Claudy Conn even gives you a sneak into other stories that she has written after you read, "Runaway Heart", which will make you want more anyways. I know I cannot get enough of Claudy's books. =)