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  • Kings & Queens on June 09, 2012

    "That's the "They'll learn how dead and buried their Jesus is when...doesn't help...start shooting up the church. Haven' many I wanna off yet. Needs to be sick...national coverage." When Majesty leaned forward to try and see who was talking, a twig snapped under her feet. She knew they knew she was there so she took off running. They recognized the Colts shirt from the school baseball team. That meant they were part of the school. She knew no one would believe her if she told what she heard, so she recruited Alec to help her find them herself. The more she tried to eliminate people from the suspect pool, the more suspicious everyone seemed. She even began to suspect her friends. She was hot for Derek, but jealous of Alec with anyone else. Does she have a clue to what she really wants? The premise of the story was good, the writing, not so much. Sometimes less is more. It dragged for me until I was about a third of the way through, then it really took off. Either the writing improved or the book became so intense I overlooked it. Kept drawing me in deeper and deeper, twisting and turning. Even though it starts out hard to read, you must keep on reading. It is well worth it.
  • Underneath on Aug. 19, 2012

    Not only don't you know what people are thinking or feeling, they don't know what's going through your mind. I have thought before, as I was looking in someone's eyes not really listening to what they are saying, I wonder what they would think if they could read my mind right now. As he wandered the city, one minute happy, the next so pissed off he wanted to kick someone's ass, he came upon a car with an expensive coat in it. When he broke the window to steal the coat, he saw it was a cheap knockoff. He was so pissed, he beat the hell out of the car. Was he insane? Some kind of anger issue? When he began seeing Abigail, his thoughts and emotions were confusing, he was puzzled about what it all meant. It had just been the past few years where he admitted that he faked his thoughts and feelings to manipulate others, he had always been that way. He felt like the cyborg in Terminator 2 with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fake being human. He could relate to the cyborg when John Connor tries to teach it to smile. It was different with Abigail. He knew he'd have to "fix it" but didn't know what he meant by that. When he talks about Burnside firing the taser, it made me laugh. Wouldn't you just love to do that to some people? At first I thought the rating on this book would be a two. But as I got 3/4 of the way through, it got me thinking more. I've had those times when for no reason at all I got ticked off over something minor and wanted to throw something of hit someone. Have you? If it wasn't for civility, I'm not sure how much we would let loose, let the anger flow out to reach whoever or whatever was handy at the time. When he talks about people's behavior online, it's obvious that the sense of anonymity people feel will cause them to act in a way they wouldn't do if face to face. Who knows how far we would go if given free rein. The last 1/4 really started to lure me in and the last 10% had me racing through the words, not able to read fast enough to find what would happen next. I was desperate for Abigail to run - run for her life. My breath quickened. I almost felt her terror. When he wrote "should men have their cocks surgically removed at birth, and only given back when they were old enough to use them around the age of eight five or so" I laughed out loud. The excerpts from his website, at the end of the book, had me cracking up. Caught me totally by surprise, but don't be looking before you arrive at the end of the story. With all that being said, the book was definitely worth the read. If you find it slow in the beginning, like I did, just hang in there because it does get better and has a good ending.
  • The Medium (An Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Novel) on Sep. 19, 2012

    The séance had turned almost comical. Celia and I were having a séance for Mrs. Wiggam. Her husband appeared, as angry and unforgiving as his wife. She wanted to know where the fortune was hidden. I knew he was lying when he said there was no fortune and so did she. Mr. Wiggam was in the Waiting Area and I knew he couldn’t move on, until he lost all his anger. Even in death he was still afraid of his wife. While I tried to get him to return to the Waiting Area, something sinister came through. Others saw it. Mrs. Wiggam convinced them they were seeing things. I hoped they believed her. Otherwise, it could be bad for our reputation. Celia had bought an amulet from an old crone of a peddler. She had been used to release the spirit. We arrived at our front door, only to be met by Jacob Beaufort, a ghost. He told us he was assigned to us by the Administrators. They controlled the Waiting Area and Otherworld, making things run smoothly in the ghostly realm. He said we had brought forth a shape-shifting demon. The amulet had been cursed, thus allowing the demon through. I told Jacob it was me to cover for Celia, but he said the demon was linked to whoever wore the amulet. He would have to banish it. Jacob seemed more real, more solid than the usual ghosts I saw. I felt drawn to him. He said there were few like him. We were off to visit George Culvert, a demonologist. Jacob told me they had both went to Eton, but he neglected to tell me they had never met. I reached for the door knocker and noticed it was shaped like a paw. When I told him I was interested in shape-shifting demons, he said he had a book that would have explained what I needed to know, but it had been stolen a week ago. He told me the shape-shifter could steal a ghost’s soul, make it cease to exist anywhere, be nothing. Mrs Culver entered the library. She was mean tempered, until I told her I knew Jacob. She said he died under mysterious circumstance. I found out Jacob was nobility. He had told me he died at 18, just a few months ago. All George could tell me about Jacob was he simply vanished. Nothing of him was ever found. When I tried to question George’s maid, Maree Finch, about the book, she turned violent, coming at me with a knife. Jacob pushed me out of the way. I knew she stole the book for someone, but she had run away before I could ask her anything more. Jacob popped into my bedroom. He said it wasn’t proper at all. So why was he here? He told me there had been a death. It was the second one. He thought the deaths were connected, because the house the footman had worked at was burgled after the murder. To keep him here, I asked if my mother was in the Waiting Room. He said no, but Aunt Catherine Sloane was. I had so many questions about how I came to be, so I called out to her and she appeared. She was an evil, mean-spirited woman. She was right when she said I didn’t want to hear anything she had to say. As far as I knew I was the only legitimate medium in the world. So it fell on my shoulders to help Jacob get rid of the shape-shifter before it could kill anyone else. 3 STARS – Would Recommend To Others I loved the clouds and reflection in the water on the cover. It created a sense of tension. The woman takes you into a time in the past. The title is what really captured me, because I thought it would lead to the paranormal, and it did. There were no surprises in the book. It was well written and the story was told in an almost fun and light manner. There were times where I had to laugh, like when she wondered if, even though he was a ghost, his man parts worked the same. lol The characters were easy to relate to. I wished for Emily and Jacob to get together. But, how can a human hook up with a ghost? Is there a reason for him to be different from other ghosts that Emily could see? I received this book in return for an honest and unbiased review.
  • What Kills Me on Oct. 08, 2012

    Her description in her bio is appropriate: "Well written by Wynne Channing." I was walking back to Sofia`s from the bakery and saw a man in the square. He seemed to be eying me, but I was late and hurried on. Somehow I got lost and when I turned around, he was there. I explained what happened, described Sofia's street and he took me there. I joked along the way, but he didn't seem to get it. I do have a sarcastic wit. To repay him, I told him I would buy him a gelato and we agreed to meet at the pizzeria later. His name was Paolo. I had come to Italy to go to the university and study art. I was living with my host, Sofia, and because I was so late, she instituted a 9:00 pm curfew and I was to meet Paolo at 9:15. Now what? I came up with the idea to leave a message for him at the pizzeria and meet him there at 3:30 Monday afternoon. That night, as I lay in bed, I heard my name. I went to the window, looked out and Paolo was there. He talked me into climbing out the window and trespassing into the church. We stood by the collection box and he whispered in my ear, "I'm going to kill you." He turned toward the altar and I ran into the office. I saw a door, so I ran through it and down the stairs. The room was lit by candles that ringed a hole in the floor. Paolo kept backing me toward the hole, until someone yelled stop. I lost my balance and fell into the hole. It was so dark and I felt I was drowning. How I climbed out, I don't know. Uther explained, I was in his quarters in the church. He was the guardian of the sanctum. His niece, Lettie came into the room and asked me if I felt different. Why would I feel different? When I told Uther I had to go home, he said I couldn't ever go home. He went on to explain that when I fell into the well, I had died. He said they were dead too. It was true. I had no pulse, no heartbeat. We were vampires. When I saw myself in the mirror, my eyes were lit up as if on fire. Uther and Lettie told me I was a miracle. Never before had someone become a vampire without drinking someone's blood. The well I fell into was full of vampire blood. I didn't think it could get any worse, until the General came. He called me an abomination and was taking me to the Empress. I had been thrown in the back of the truck, alone. I felt no pain and as I licked my lips I tasted blood. Soon I was cleaning blood from my body, lapping it up like a cat. We arrived at the castle. I was chained and had a bag thrown over my head. I was made to kneel. When the bag was removed I saw hundreds of men and women surrounding me. Paolo was brought in. The Empress called him Transporter. She condemned us both to death. I didn't know where we were, but I tried to find a way to escape. As the sun moved around the room, I saw Paolo burn and turn to dust. Why didn't I burn in the sun like Paolo? I amazed myself by climbing out of the tower. As I looked around, I saw nothing but rocks and water. When I dove and began swimming, I realized I didn't need to breathe. Apparently there were some benefits to being a vampire. I woke up and found I had washed up on shore, so I began walking. As I walked, I talked to myself. It was something I did all the time. I was startled when someone answered me. I thought I was alone. He introduced himself as Noel and said he could remove my chains. He took me home and introduced me to the boys, Lucas and Jerome. I didn't want to, but felt I had to tell them my story. They said they made weapons for the Aramatta, the Monarchy's guards. They told me the guards would come here, looking for me. Noel said they would take care of me and meant it. We prepared to leave, but had waited too long. They beheaded Jerome in seconds. Noel fought hard but was outnumbered. I saw the jar of fuel by the sink, rolled it across the floor and threw the lantern. I grabbed Lucas and ran out the door, as the cabin went up in flames. We decided to hide for the day, then go to see Uther. He had to tell us what was going on, why they wanted me so bad. When we arrived at the church, Lettie told us Uther had gone to Romania to consult the Sacriva, the vampire scripture. It had foretold of her arrival. She proceeded to tell them about the Ancients, and the prediction. There were seven Ancients with super strength and great powers. They could walk in the sun, read your mind and predict the future. When two Ancients fought and one was killed, any vampires created by the Ancients died, the entire blood line. The Monarchy imprisoned the ancients, dug a well and put all their blood in the well. It was called the Crucivium. The prophesy became the Sacriva. It says, when the natural world is threatened by the vampire empire, a human girl will be born, a vampire by unholy means. She will restore order. The Monarchy is afraid of me. They will hunt me down and kill me. I told Lucas to leave, but he put his hand out and I took it. 4 STARS - WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND The cover is gorgeous and the title led me to learn more about the book. When the General fought with Lucas, it made me picture Twilight, when Edward fought to save Bella in the church. I could picture them both, flying through the air and bouncing off the walls. Wynne Channing created Axelia with a sense of humor and a sarcastic wit. She would need it. The trials and tribulations she goes through to save her and Lucas, create a strong character. I was running and climbing with her, as I rooted for her and hoped she'd get what she needs and wants. The story was unique and creative. Very different from the vampire novels I have read. It captured me from the beginning and I eagerly ate it up. The action was non-stop, keeping me reading to find out what would happen next. I loved the ending and it left me wanting more, but you will have to read the book to find out for yourself. I am eagerly awaiting the next book.
  • Half Black Soul (The Alexa Montgomery Saga) on Dec. 14, 2012

    Just a month ago, I'd been a pretty normal teenager. I was seventeen and I lived in a small town in Missouri. Now I am a killing machine, a warrior or a murderer. Or both. Happy birthday to me. Spoiler Alert: This is Book II in the Alexa Montgomery Saga. I was driving through Pennsylvania, in the rain, when hunger hit me. I just happened to be at an exit, so I took it and went into the diner at the convenience store. After eating, as I walked to my car, I should have paid more attention to my senses. I knew I never should have left my sword in the car. It wouldn't happen again. I knew he was there and I knew he was going to attack me. It would be the last thing he did. I let the monster deal with the man and felt a euphoria as he lay dying. As I drove away I thought about how I came to be here. I knew I was different, but a Sun Warrior? The Last One? My mother had taught me how to fight and told me to protect Nelly. Nelly wasn't just a Searcher, but so much more. After the attack at the house, Nelly and Jackson, who was a werewolf and my boyfriend, and I ran to Two Rivers in Pine Barrens, NJ. It was magnificent until you saw underneath it. When I met Soraya, she exposed the truth Libra the Scales Balanceto me and I vowed to change it. But one good thing had come of it. I met Kayden, the only Libra left. Like me, the last of his kind. Would we end up together? The first thing on my agenda was to find out if my mother was still alive. After the incident at the convenience store, I stopped at a rest area to regroup. The monster was in total control of me. I was horrified. I jumped out of the car and ran. I ran for the exit and as normal feelings started to come back to me, I felt hope. I ran straight into Kayden. I felt his goodness wash over me. My desperation led me to go one step further, a kiss so deep the monster was driven away. I turned to the car and waited for him to enter. I was going to Olivia's', my mother's friend who had sent us to Two Rivers, to find out about my mother, and anything else I could. She told me I was meant to lead a revolution. I had to go to Dangeon to find my mother. Nelly was bereft when she read the note Alexa left for her. Nelly's mind sent out a blanket search, seeming of its own free will. She could sense a feeling of fear from everyone in the village. She was called before the Queen and asked about Alexa being missing. Nelly fed the her the lie she had been working on, only to be assaulted by the Queen's attempt to search her. She could block her, but that would alert the Queen to the fact Nelly was a searcher and may put her in danger. That night Nelly dreamt of Alexa's death. 5 - Would Buy It For Them (lol) The ending blew me away. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next book to see what happens. The cover is beautiful and the title is so very appropriate. The writing needs some editing, but the story is so good and so wonderfully told that it is easy to overlook. The plot is so detailed that it drew me into the story and didn't let me go. It captured me from the very beginning. Even after I read the last page, the last sentence, the last word, I was craving more. The characters are as well-developed and detailed as the plot. It is so easy to fall for Alexa, who has to fight her battle with her monster within. Don't we all have our own inner battles? I found it easy to empathize with her because it. Kayden, what can I say about Kayden? Wouldn't you like to have your very own (smoking hot) Guardian? He is always there for Alexa. And, of course, Nelly, who is so sweet and innocent. I can't decide who Alexa will end up with and I'm not sure who I want her to end up with. My fist thought is always Jackson, he has been with her through thick and thin. He would lay down his life for her. Her own private, and also smoking hot, werewolf. The Rise, Book III, is on it's way to me as we speak and I can hardly wait to pick it up and start reading. I love Alexa and I am rooting for her, wanting her to have everything her heart desires. Now I just have to find out if she gets it. This book was given to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • Mr. Bear on Feb. 04, 2013

    I loved it!!!!! A feel good shape-shifting novel that can be read in ten minutes or less, awesome. The cover is sweet and cuddly and so is the story. Take a moment to pick up a copy and let it warm your heart on a chilly winter day.
  • Dinosaurs Eat Paris: The World Fair, Paris, 1889 (an alternate history) on Jan. 16, 2015

    A fun and exciting adventure not to be missed. Be sure and check out the author. His bio is almost as interesting as the book. LOL I saw this FREE book and had to have it. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Once I started reading, I could not put it down until I turned the last page! This is a children’s book that can be enjoyed by all ages. I loved it. Dinosaurs Eat Paris was fast paced and easy to read, taking me from the 1889 World Fair in Paris, back in time to the Late Cretaceous period, about 70 million years ago. The Exposition had all the latest inventions ~ Professor Augusto Righi’s time machine is only one of them. Thomas Edison is there and so is Alexander Graham Bell, Annie Oakley and her husband Frank, along with Wild Bill Hickok, are some of the most notable. The phone, cars, steam and electrical advances are showcased. You can step from Paris to Egypt to Paraguay to Uruguay to Hawaii and so many other countries, but no one expected to be able to step back in time until the Professor and Thomas Edison disappeared through the Finestra Temporale, when the lightening struck. Maria jumped through, because she could not let the Professor go without her. The Professor will be very happy that she did. :-) I was looking for a different type of dinosaur video, but when I saw this, it cracked me up. Did you laugh? . Everyone could see into the portal as if it was a movie, but is it a door instead? If they went in, could they come back out? Would the dinosaurs come with them? What do you think? ;-) It’s a wild ride and Dante is the hero. He’s just a boy, but he is super smart and feels responsible for ridding Paris of the dinosaurs that came through the doorway opened up by his father’s invention. “What about the dinosaurs? Shouldn’t we do something before they eat Paris?” asked Annie Oakley. Are scientists more open to the impossible? Were they able, along with Dante, and Annie and her gang able to come to the recuse because of their sense of adventure? They showed no fear, just did what needed to be done and seemed to have a grand old time doing it. I loved riding with Dante and Annie ~ racing, taunting and distracting the dinosaurs. This would be a roundup of a different kind. As if that isn’t exciting enough, Mark takes it to a more adventurous level as they become “better acquainted with the dinosaurs.” I can see the adventure unfold as if it was a movie and Dante is the star. I would love to tell you so much more, but the adventure is in the reading and I would spoil it for you if I shared. It made me think of Night of the Museum, Jurassaic Park, even Star Wars. This was a fantastic, fast paced romp through 1889 and the Cretaceous period and I would highly recommend it.