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From an early age Owen Cowherd also known as Mr. Testimony has been destined to live his

life in front of an audience. But few would have imagined that his performance would be a new

brand of gospel hip-hop and his audience…anyone who would be saved.

Early Success

Owen Cowherd was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana to a single parent home. His father was

diagnosed with bi-polar disorder leaving Owen and his mother to fend for themselves. The

family lived in Baltimore Apartments on the city’s Eastside, a place known for high crime

and few success stories. Despite this Mrs. Morris worked to provide Owen with a stable

environment, food and a religious upbringing. The family would often attend Sunday services.

But religion was not something Mrs. Morris wanted to force upon Owen. At the age of thirteen

he was able to choose whether or not he would continue to attend services. He did not.

Owen did however begin to excel in school and particularly in sports. He attended Coleman

Elementary and Middle School. In 1996 he attended Broad Ripple High School and began to

excel in basketball. He went on to play all four years on the varsity team and eventually lead

the city in scoring with an average of eighteen points a game. And just like that, the life of a

performer had begun. Upon graduation Owen accepted a scholarship at Glen Oaks Junior

College in Michigan. But as with most success stories…a little rain must fall.

Trouble Ahead

Three weeks after his start at Glen Oaks, Owen was homesick and returned to Indianapolis. He

tried his hand at higher education once more and attended Indiana University Purdue University

Indianapolis but was involved in a car accident and dropped out of there as well. At this point

Owen’s life began to take a turn. He began to sell drugs. Suddenly he found himself involved in

dangerous situations and even multiple fights in local clubs. He also found out he would soon

become father to not one but two children by two different women. Suddenly tragedy struck.

Owen’s cousin and family staple was shot and killed. Two months later Owen was arrested with

more than 30 pounds of marijuana. The arrest coupled with the death of a close family member

represented a moment of change for Owen. He no longer wanted to do things “his way” but

instead sought for something greater.

A New Sound

Through a series of good luck that Owen could only attribute to God his heavy jail sentence was

reduced to home detention. Owen began to be more involved at church and was eventually

approached about sharing his testimony. Not in the conventional ways of ministry with a

sermon and a pulpit…but through music particularly hip-hop. Owen had tried rap before and

even managed his own label but never as a gospel artist. And seemingly overnight Owen or

Mr. Testimony had achieved great levels of musical success. He has performed in more than

200 shows, been featured in local news programs and even released a successful mixtape

titled God Versus The World. He describes his music as “street gospel”, a sound that strives to

speak the gospel in a manner identifiable by the streets.

A New Name

Every good rapper has an even better name. For Mr. Testimony there is great significance in

his name. He compares his name change to that of the Apostle Paul. Before he converted to

Christianity Paul then known as Saul spent his time tormenting the church and opposing the

word of God. After his conversion Saul’s name was changed to Paul and he had a whole new

message. Owen felt the same. A new message, a new name, and Mr. Testimony was born.

A Great Future

In the past few years Mr. Testimony has been involved in numerous community service

initiatives including Stop the Violence and Project 180. He has also tried his hand at acting.

Recently, he toured in a national production of the gospel play Killa’Delphia staring as a thief

named Black. In February of 2011 he will release his new album titled Convict and Confirm and

embark on a six city tour. He is also in the process of signing a national recording contract.

For more information on Mr. Testimony or to hear his music contact Rockea S. Bell at 317-965-

6499 or arcka2@gmail.com


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From an early age, Owen Cowherd, professionally known as “Mr. Testimony,” was destined to live his life in front of an audience. Few would have imagined that his performance would be a new brand of gospel hip-hop and his audience… anyone who would be saved.

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