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Mark's favorite authors on Smashwords

Dixon Cox
Latest book: Watersports In Chicago. Published June 2, 2014.
Dorien Grey
Latest book: Dante's Circle (An Elliott Smith Mystery, #4). Published November 23, 2017.
E.J. Russell
Latest book: Vampire with Benefits. Published November 26, 2018.
Edua Erasmus
Latest book: Once You Go Black 1. Published June 16, 2017. (4.25 from 4 reviews)
Edward Kendrick
Latest book: The Merger. Published December 22, 2017.
Elise Artez
Latest book: The Minotaur's Mate (a Monster Breeding Erotic Tale). Published October 20, 2012. (4.00 from 3 reviews)
Emery C. Walters
Latest book: Throwing Shadows at Fire. Published September 30, 2018.
Latest book: Apocalypse—Not. Published July 13, 2018.
James Cox
Latest book: Beauty Has Balls. Published November 1, 2018.
James Ryder
Latest book: Heartbeart (Part Two). Published May 9, 2018.
Jimmy Seay
Latest book: Teen Burglar. Published October 2, 2013.
Kate Sherwood
Latest book: Shelter from the Storm. Published August 20, 2018.
Kimmy Clash
Latest book: My Coach Shoved His Fist Inside My Pink Hole!. Published January 19, 2019.
Lynn Kelling
Latest book: Hush. Published April 17, 2018.
Nathan J Morissey
Latest book: College Boy Stories. Published January 19, 2018.
Sadie Sins
Latest book: I'll Tell : A Blackmailing Stepbrother Romance. Published January 24, 2016. (4.75 from 4 reviews)
Shawn Lane
Latest book: Snowed In: Sam and Lincoln. Published January 12, 2019.
Tommy Twist
Latest book: Wild Boys. Published September 9, 2018.