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  • First Stringers: Eyes That Do Not See on April 03, 2011

    I really liked First Stringers since it is the first book of the Sci-Fi genre that I read which incorporates the String Theory. However, to understand what's going on and how the main characters do what they do no knowledge whatsoever of this theory is required. In the end two things in this book stand out for me. All of the main characters are special. Special in this case stands for the best and the worst meaning of the word. They all have a "superpower" but were all born with handicaps. It made me think about how (in-)appropriate language at some times is. The second point is the criticism Weinberg has on so called "patriots" of the United States. Always watch out for people who blur the lines between patriotism and nationalism, especially when the odd portion of religious (here: Christian) fanatism is added . On a final note having read several of Weinberg's non-fiction books it is interesting to see how he let's people and groups of people develop dynamics in the same way as describe there.