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  • The Benefit on Jan. 16, 2013

    This story reminded me why I used to dislike reading stories written in first person. Then I read what good writers could do. Starting all those sentences with " I "s got annoying and tedious fast. It also makes the protagonist sound vain. In this case she actually is 'though that was probably not Ms. Flower's intention. She describes everything she does from the moment of waking: walking into the closet, picking out each garment, and from where they were picked. Then on to the bathroom and every action, every movement, everything, okay almost everything, she does in there. Example, "I grabbed my toothpaste and squirted a hefty heap on my toothbrush before shoving it into my mouth vigorously scrubbing back and forth across my teeth. I spit out the excess toothpaste into the sink savoring..." Goodness! It is important to pat yourself on the back for a job well done once in a while. The protagonist, however, must be very sore. She color-coordinated her cloths, "...all the latest fashions and shoes money can buy." She knows that her co-workers know that she "always gave 110%." She's under budget... Ever heard of the word humility? In writing this review, I might have inadvertently got some of you curious to read this eBook. That was not my intention. I would, however, recommend this to any English teachers who can give Ms. Flowers helpful suggestions.