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It all began when nine-year-old Meggie Taylor first saw a Reading Rainbow episode on book repair. After making a book out of cardboard and glue and stolen printer paper, she then decided she needed a story to fill the pages. The result was a brief western, entitled "Stinky Sam," which she illustrated as well.

Since the days of Stinky Sam and his exploits, both the author and her writing have moved on. After living in several states throughout the country, Meggie studied Liberal Arts at Magdalen College in New Hampshire, and then English Literature at the University of New Hampshire. She then taught remedial English composition at the college level for a few years before joining the New Hampshire Army National Guard as a photojournalist in 2010. Her civilian job took her to northern Virginia in 2011 (where she lives now), and then she deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. Much of her military writing, all of which is published under the name Margaret Taylor, has run in news outlets throughout the U.S.

Behind the scenes of the non-fiction journalism and the teaching and the various desk jobs, though, has always been the fiction storytelling. Stinky Sam was the first of many, many characters Meggie has created, but the most enduring have been those who appear in The Bobby and The Priest series. After more than a decade of penning (penciling) dozens of short stories and their revisions, "Convicted Innocent" finally screamed its way out into the marketplace.

More of the adventures of the policeman and the little cleric are to follow.

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Convicted Innocent
Series: The Bobby and The Priest, Book 1. Price: Free! Words: 34,860. Language: English. Published: July 7, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller
Three men disappear: one is on trial for murder, one is the copper who arrested him, and the last is a man caught between them. Set in London in 1887, "Convicted Innocent" follows the struggles of two friends kidnapped by a serial killer and their fight for survival. It is a tale of good versus evil; of fear and despair versus hope; and of ordinary men choosing the extraordinary.

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