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  • Ringing the Bell: My Life in the Biz on April 25, 2011

    very good read, as someone who gave the biz a few months and cut ties, it was interesting to be put in the shoes of someone who stuck with it and obviously kept a part of his original self through all of it, unlike most of the "grizzled vets" i encountered in my time in the biz. for anyone wondering, yes the biz is a scam and a variation of a pyramid scheme, specifically a multi level marketing scheme, full of deception and empty promises among dozens of other shady practices (and i worked mainly in a "good" office). the two worst things about it is how it tricks decent, eager people looking for a better life into getting sucked in and then turned into tools who live a crappy life (with very very slim chances for even an ok one) for the benefit of the people at the top and on many cydcor campaigns, customers are often lied to and tricked or bribed into signing up for something that will screw them in the long run.