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Mujtaba "Muj" Attia is a 48-year old freelance photojournalist, human rights activist, author, social commentator-and while you're at it-throw in philosopher of sorts. All to make him one who seeks to make his mark-or colophon-as you might want to term it, onto the pages of e-publishing. Such being where his plain message is to be reached by as many souls as possible on this little orb of ours whirling in space. This to unfold with the least amount of hassles-as opposed to what he would endure in dealing with the a** holes at conventional print syndicate-otherwise known as the gang of literary agents and the misfits at paper publishing outfits.
Actually having been trained as a welder and then onto civil engineering, such -e writer in waiting would arrive at self-publishing insomuch as to pursue his passion in the likes of the love of words and not to mention that of colorful imagery. With such said, he has established for this undertaking a group called the "E-Writers' Due Drop" that would allow a host of self -published authors, individually, might have their little say onto the title page of their e-books. This commentary effort by authors is to lie outside that of the actual subject matter bearing on some pressing issue in the world today which need be brought to the forefront of public attention-all being submitted for publication on the web-where everyone has a shot at being heard
Accordingly, the piece here on the Smashwords platform will have plenty to say in terms of witty phraseology that is to titillate readers. Again such work in the visual context is filled to the brim with snapshots within the pictorial section of the e-book. This such that the viewerss are as if placed snugly on board the story vector for a funky visceral thrill. Further, as being the crux of his work, the author here seeks to change the way people think for the better-that is-towards the truth of things-if it at all matters anymore in this prevaricating world we live in, Just as well such tome would move to see readers improve their individual selves under his vibrant mantra of-"In Enlightened Discernment is to be so Kind- So Bliss I'll Find as Butterflies Flutter in My Mind".


Prophecy Sees Inside Out and Forward Back
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 235,750. Language: English. Published: May 20, 2015. Categories: Screenplays » Musical
In short, the treatise here Prophecy- is set to be a guidepost as the sign of times-a polestar of portents-if you will. With the book having a metaphysical sounding title and the author known by his mystical sobriquet -"Muj" might lend that it focuses on some sort of prognostication and he some modern day Nostradamus. Well neither is the case. So then delve further into the book to see why!

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