Craig Myers


Craig Myers writer and entrepreneur, I am enthusiastic and passionate about education, endeavouring always to produce quality publications, in a variety of specialist subject areas designed to positively contribute to the learning experiences of students in educational institutions. I have a strong desire to help learners to perform to the best of their abilities and develop their transferable skills in the process.

The experiences I have had in my personal, professional and academic life have all contributed in making me the multi skilled professional I am today. As child in junior school, I used to think, whether there could be easier ways to learn, and retain content such as the times tables. However it was only when I became a parent myself that I was inspired to help my children and find ways to engage them in the learning process. I decided to examine the times tables with the aim of creating a much simpler approach, it took time and I had many challenges, but through perseverance, I have successfully developed a system that can be applied to all the times tables, that makes them simpler and easier to learn. I then started introducing this system to others and was amazed by the results. At this stage I decided that I would publish and share this system with students and educators around the world. My goal is to get as many people as possible to have access to this program, and therefore enabling many more students to learn and retain their times tables.


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