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  • The Ghost Of A Flea on Nov. 29, 2010

    (from Murphy's Library - At first, I didn’t know in what territory I was stepping into with this book. It took me some pages to really start to get this story, but once it got my attention, I read it really fast. It is a thriller in its best. The book has action, makes you uptight, gets your attention and makes you want to discover its misteries fast! I was curious from the moment I started to understand what was, really, the plot of this story. Roger could be your neighboor. He is common, plain, a person who lives a trivial life, with marriage problems, his friends, his good and bad days. But things start to change when Roger accepts to have a “smoke” with his friend, Gideon. From this point till the end, everything happens and the book is a roller coaster ride. It has a good dose of mistery, suspense, action and put a good point about relationships. I like this book, even if sometimes I wished I could change some things in the narrative—it got really confusing sometimes, maybe intentionally, as some mistery books are, I don’t know. Things make sense in the end, but some passages could be a little clearer and still have the mistery feeling. Brinling really knows how to write characters, and I loved how his characters have well written personalities without being stereotyped. It’s good to see their flaws and qualities! It was a good action thriller, and I would recommend to everyone who loves this genre and wants to have a really good time reading!