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I am a 65 year old Veteran. I am Proud to be an American husband, father of 3, grandfather of 7, and now great granddad too. Though I come from a humble beginning in Tennessee, I was raised with very high moral values. I had always worked hard and managed to make a pretty good life for my family. I am not a gambler. I’m more of a strategist. I never dreamed I would ever play Roulette or any other casino game for that matter, and certainly never saw myself writing a book about it. The casinos will not be at all happy with me, but this is a truth that needs to be told.

Just over 10 years ago, I reluctantly attended a Casino Night for a local charity with my wife. They had The Big Wheel, a few blackjack and poker tables, and an authentic Roulette wheel. I did have a little experience with both blackjack and poker during my time in the armed services many, years ago. I was not familiar at all with the game of Roulette. I spent a good deal of time watching the players place chips around the board. Mostly they bet on their favorite numbers. I overheard several conversations about strategies and systems players would use that were supposed to make them winners.
During the next few days I found myself thinking about the game of Roulette quite often. So much that I devised a system of my own for winning based on his theory of increasing your bet until you win. To test it out I bought two boxes of poker chips, a handheld electronic Roulette game, and a piece of poster board for a mock table for betting. For couple of weeks in our spare time, my wife and I played my home version of roulette. To our amazement, each time we completely broke the bank. It was like I had just discovered America! So we decided to gather what cash we could and head for a real casino. We lived in Alabama at the time and Biloxi Mississippi was the closest available.
We went to the Grand Casino. It was an electronic Disney World! There were lots of people and so much noise. So many colors and bells, buzzers, and screams of delight. It was all very exciting. After a great dinner at the buffet, where we again reviewed our plan of attack, then we sat down at our first real Roulette Table. We had played for a while and were doing quite well. We left the tables. Then proceeded to the restrooms to count our winnings. With all the overhead cameras, my wife did not want anyone to see how much we had won. In just under an hour we had won more than $12,000. It was so exciting and incredible. But as we would later learn, it was also very lucky.

I must apologize for my Technological Impairments. I bought my very first computer about 3 years ago. I have been a Holdout for Old School. I don't know what half these cyberland sites are. But I am have a web site built and should have it out there by the beginning of October. I am reluctant to put too much information out there because the casinos will not be at all happy with me. They are Powerful... And they don't like to lose. I am concerned about retribution against myself and most importantly for my family. Money is Power.

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How do you approach cover design?
My cover design is a collage of photos I took stealthily in only 2 casinos in about 2 hours. Google or look for clip art of the result boards at Roulette tables and you will find NONE. They don't Disallow photos taken at the tables to keep people from figuring a way to cheat them. People can see everything when they are there. But if there were numerous photos of the boards with all the 0s, and all of the repeat numbers available... Someone else would eventually notice a pattern... And a Real Problem. When players are at the tables they are all consumed with what number is spun and did they win. I wanted to give people a little clue of what I was writing about and the fact that SO MANY 0s on every board in every casino in the country is Impossible in Natural Odds. What are the odds that a 0 will show up so often out of the 14 numbers the board holds? It's only 3.56% that either the 0 or 00 will be spun in the 38 possible numbers. That makes it 7.5% chance that one or the other might be spun. I can't begin to calculate what the odds are that two 0s would be spun in just 14 spins... And not just once, A Fluke, But at every table over and over again! Go to the tables and see for yourself!
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Rule Roulette
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If you think Roulette is Random, THINK AGAIN! When you play Roulette you are actually playing against the Skill of the Dealers. I know that sounds crazy, the way that little ball bounces all over the wheel before it lands. But you can take it to the bank! The dealer can affect the outcome of the spin and does. It's 100% True! Learn their Secrets and how to Win consistently with Rule Roulette!

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