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Brian's Journey
Pre-release—available October 2, 2019. Price: $8.99 USD. Words: 22,580. Language: English. Categories: Fiction » Inspirational
Brian's Journey We can all relate to Brian at some level; whether it is in trying to fit in the Cool Kidz club or mustering the courage to tryout for our favorite sports team. Brian is learning life-changing principles along the way and these ultimately define his journey. This novel by Merril Holloway II is thought provoking, challenging and funny! A Must Read! What A Word Publishing & Media Gp.
Morning Glory - 365 Devotions like no other!
Price: $8.99 USD. Words: 97,830. Language: English. Published: March 31, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Inspiration » Daily affirmations
This testimonial says it well; "Thank you so much for sharing your Thoughts and Prayers ... It often takes a lot to stay in tune, and in touch with the promptings of the Holy Spirit in this chaotic world ... I am so grateful that you took the time to visit with God and bring us back a small piece of what He revealed. Thank You!” A. Jackson, 88.7FM The Bridge Radio Station
Alisha - The Dog Rescuer
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 2,530. Language: English. Published: December 12, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
A heart warming children's book about Alisha and her dogs. Alisha's hope, trust and kindness will "melt" your heart. It is also a great book to increase the awareness in children and their parents of dog adoptions through the local SPCA. Great for kids and all who love pets. Also a great resource for teachers and schools. Highly recommended.
Don't Let The Pastor Curse You
Price: $8.99 USD. Words: 22,450. Language: English. Published: November 16, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Family relationships
There are some things taking place in the church that are not in accord with the will of God and in the process many are suffering under various curses. When faced with various challenges, tough circumstances or apparent curses, the natural inclination is to ask “Why?” In this book, God gives us answers to some of the “Why?” questions. “Is it really possible to live a curse-free life?” Read on!
L.E.A.D. The Truth about Raising High Achieving Kids
Price: $8.99 USD. Words: 11,660. Language: English. Published: May 1, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Parenting
How do we raise successful kids? In this book, "L.E.A.D. - The Truth about Raising High Achieving Kids", Marilyn shares from her thirty years of experience as a parent, teacher and counselor her "secrets" to raising successful children. A wonderful tool for schools and child care learning centers.
Still Standing -Weathering The Challenges of Life
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 37,640. Language: English. Published: June 13, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Family relationships, Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Christian Life / Inspirational
Challenges! Issues! Obstacles! We all face them. Some challenges just dare you to overcome them! How many of us have finished a project ahead of time because someone told us it could not be done? Other challenges try to wear you down by their sheer persistence over time. This book tells of the riveting true life challenges of eight individuals and their overcoming stories. A must read!

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