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ational – that together are a potent force.
We are innovative and forward-looking authors and publishers that embrace change and welcome fresh thinking.
Other small presses, just like the “Big Six”, are simply trying the same old tricks with a new delivery system. They think all they need to do is convert a script to digital and everything carries on as before. How wrong they are.

We are looking for writers to join us in a new cloud partnership where the writer has almost all the advantages of being indie, but also almost all the advantages of a “small publisher” brand.

No complex contracts with a ton of small print in obscure legalese. Just plain English terms and conditions spelt out and agreed by both parties.

As Kindle UK best-sellers twice over, and the biggest selling indie authors in the UK, we have a large base of European and international readers, as well as numerous blogs and websites, and we regularly guest on blogs across the globe.

We are committed to expanding our brand and supporting fellow authors across all genres.

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