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  • 13 Scary Stories on Nov. 05, 2011

    If you like horror stories, you beter buy this book---it will terrify you! It frightens its readers, inducing feelings of horror and terror and creates an eerie atmosphere. The book gives you a painful and intense fear, dread, and dismay---highly recommended!
  • The Adventures Of Larry The Alien on Nov. 05, 2011

    This book is a great and funny science-fiction story. It consists of eight Chapters: YOUR MOTHER IS AN ALIEN NO PLACE LIKE HOME KIM KARDASHIAN ON THE SOFA THAT'S NOT PIERCE BROSNAN -- IT'S AN ALIEN OF TATTOOS, TIME TRAVEL AND EDNA LARRY SAVES AN OCTOPUS LARRY GETS A GIRLFRIEND I GOTTA BE ME These Chapters pretty well tell you what the book is all about. My favorite Chapter is LARRY SAVES AN OCTOPUS--funny but intense. The book is highly recommended---5 stars.
  • The Christmas Gift on Nov. 05, 2011

    This the story of Sarah, Miss Emily, and Constance, the beautiful doll. It is also the story of Christmas and how often things turn out all right against all odds. I liked the story very much!