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  • Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) on Feb. 07, 2016

    When I started reading this book I know I’m in for a great ride…the beginning was already intense with Jack and Caroline running through the woods trying to cross the Canadian border. Intriguing, definitely! What on earth did Jack & Caroline did? It’s like the devil himself is running after them! Caroline Gerard, Democratic congresswoman on the rise and then her husband got into a fatal car accident. Left with two small daughters to take care of, went into sort-of depression, with the help of friends she was able to see life into a better perspective. But not before she throws some harsh criticism to a promising congressman from the Republican Party named Jack McIntyre. Caroline regrets what she did and just waiting for an opportunity to make amends to the congressman. So, when Caroline met Jack in a party hosted by the Speaker of the House… “I wanted to apologize for what I said about you during the campaign,” she said. “Oh, you said many things, but the highlight was that little remark about how I was…what was it…’a millionaire playboy trying to buy his way into Congress.’” “I shouldn’t have called you that,” she said. “It was an awful, terrible, slanderous thing to say and I deeply regret it. I thought about phoning you the next day to apologize but I figured you wouldn’t take my call.” “I wouldn’t have taken your call then and I won’t accept your apology now. Washington’s a big town, Ms. Gerard. I think we can do our best to stay away from each other.” Nothing to do but accept the fact that the congressman didn’t want her apology and as the night progress Jack & Caroline was able to see and talk to one another again and ironed-out whatever differences they have and beautiful friendship begun. The prologue is the present time and flashback from how John and Caroline met. Then (back to present) Caroline confined in a hospital controlled by the government. You won’t get lost in the story for it will grip your attention from start to finish that’s how well written it was. I like Caroline, the heroine, who isn’t afraid to tell whatever in her mind, be it her political views or in bedroom with John, no wonder the congressman was smitten by this woman. You will definitely fall in love with Jack, the epitome of a dream man who is intelligent, passionate, a dirty-talker in bed, funny and above all, sexy. Cecilia London was able to write a book that is suspenseful, gripping, enthralling, romantic, sexy and witty dialogue. Scene between Jack & Caroline, let me tell you it’s scorching hot!!! Another new author I’m ready to stalk. Time well spent reading this book 1 of The Bellator Saga and can’t wait to start book 2 – Conscience since this book ends on a cliffhanger.
  • Conscience (Bellator Saga, #2) on Feb. 07, 2016

    The story continues as Caroline Gerald slowly gains consciousness of where she is and how desperately she wants to escape from the clutches of her captors. Caroline is a tenacious character that can endure any kind of hardship, with only the memory of the past to keep her going, her relationship with Jack, unconditional love for her daughters and friends that she considered family. Hoping against hope that… “Jack will find me.” What a spine-tingling continuation of book one from start to finish, brace yourself for this one is much darker with scenes that will make you squirm in your seat. Love scene that will make you hot and bothered. Quick-witted conversation among friends that will surely make you smile if not laugh. Cecilia London really knows how to keep her readers immersed with her writings. Again, it ends with a cliffhanger, so you have been warned. But it's so good can't wait to read Sojourn[3rd Book].
  • Sojourn (Bellator Saga, #3) on March 09, 2016

    Sojourn - Book 3 Is this really the end of Caroline's suffering and her road to recovery? The people who helped her, are they for real without any ulterior motive? Those are some questions that are running in my mind while reading book 3. And I didn't put down until I reached the last page. That's how captivating this book is. I like how this book 3 ends and looking forward to book 4. Author Cecilia London really knows how to keep her readers immersed with her writings. I'm in awe how Author Cecilia London wrote The Bellator Saga with so much finesse. Time well-spent reading this book!!! Loved it!!!