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Inspired by the writings of Paulo Coelho and James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy, Philen Naidu began his writing career around April 2000 when he responded to a call on his Heart. What followed was a 5-year journey through wild, unknown and rural Africa that culminated in the release of his debut book in March 2013, My Life My Africa.

Naidu then spent 2006 to 2013 devoting his time to 'Giving Back' - in an urban 'squatter camp' (slum area) of Johannesburg, South Africa, where he discovered his passion for serving the needs of children and youth living in marginalized and impoverished communities.

At the end of 2013, he received the next tug on his Heart and is now in India working on book two, although he says that book two is actually the one that's doing the work in him.

Philen Naidu was born in 1976, in Durban South Africa, to two government-school teachers in a country governed under the law of apartheid, which promised little hope.

A boy who was taught to believe in his dreams and to take the necessary risks in pursuing them, he has lived - and continues to live - a life away from convention, in search of Love, Freedom and True Community. An 'Itinerant Vagabond', is what his uncle and godfather calls him; a description he embraces.

"I don't know where the road goes," Naidu says, "all I know is that I have committed to follow it as long as my Heart leads the way. So far, Heart has not let me down and I have lived a truly blessed life, so I just keep walking and trusting, although ... make no mistake ... I live most days with fear and self-doubt at war against my childlike hope."

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