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Smashwords book reviews by MystMusician

  • Reflection on May 10, 2012

    I cried. ...I DO NOT cry when I read. But...I cried. I loved the summary of the book and I let myself get sucked into it. The idea of falling in love with someone while in a coma and coming out trying to figure out if the person is real or not...*sigh. Just... Read it. Disclaimers and such: I received this book from the group on Goodreads called: “Shut Up & Read” in their Read It & Reap section. So although, I received this book for free in exchange for a review, all thoughts are my own. Like I mentioned above. I cried at a section of this book. The situation, the feelings, the whirlwind, the delicate dance of real and fiction was amazing. I felt like I was so drawn into the characters, especially since I haven't read a book like this before. It was really well written...from my humble opinion. Heather in the beginning is leaving home. Home consisting of an alcoholic step-father since her mother passed away from cancer. The only real family Heather feels like she has is Creed. Creed is the good guy friend that is always there for her and keeps her safe while she's home. He's obviously got feelings for her, but Heather's too worried about getting out of town and fending for herself to see it. He's the good guy...the one that she obviously doesn't deserve, but at the same time you want him to "man up" and tell her! After Heather leaves home and starts college, an accident occurs. She's knocked/ran over by a car while out running and she ends up in the a coma. As she wakes up, she starts remembering the dreams she had while she was "sleeping." Her brain had her re-live through memories but instead of keeping them the same, the memories are either enhanced, altered, or all together not real. The main focus of her dreams was a boy...Nick. Nick...he's damaged goods. Doesn't seem like he wants a girlfriend, but seems to fall for Heather. Before she knows it, she's breaking her rules she set...mainly to not let anyone in or know her past. He's making her lose her guard and for some reason she almost wants to. The main concern is...who is Nick? Why can she only remember him through her dreams? Is he real or did her mind make him up to help her body stay alive through the coma trauma? I loved the characters. I felt Nick was a bit too stand offish in the beginning, but once he lets her in to see his life/his dad/his brother's makes a little bit of sense. The hope, the feelings, the want, and the frustration of trying to determine what is real or made's a torrent of emotions. I have a feeling this will be a book, I'll re-read to grab the details I missed the first time.