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Smashwords book reviews by Margaret Kerr

  • News from Dead Mule Swamp on May 28, 2012

    When I saw the opportunity to read and review a mystery from Tempting Book Tours, I decided to step out of my box and go for it. Normally, I stick to paranormal and/or YA, but I do enjoy a good mystery and News from Dead Mule Swamp looked really good, especially for someone who is involved with a newspaper in a small town. Cherry Hill is a small town where everyone knows each other's business. Sounds a lot like my own small town, so I was drawn in by the setting. Ana is the newcomer to town after having divorced her husband. She bought a house that is over 100 years old and needed a lot of updating, so she is doing it herself. While tearing out the old walls, Ana finds a newspaper, but before she gets a chance to look at it, the paper disappears from her house and the only person who was in her house turns up dead of what looks like a suicide down the road from her house.. What was so important that someone would want that paper? Ana makes it her mission to figure it out. While trying to figure out the mystery of the paper, Ana gets to know more about the town's history. The way the story is woven together really draws you in and it makes you want to know more. I can see Cherry Hill being anywhere, east coast, west coast, north or south. The characters are well written and developed, the story is inviting and I can't wait to keep reading more of Ana's adventures living by the Swamp.
  • Time For Death (Liz Baker, Book 1) on May 28, 2012

    I was really lucky to have gotten the chance to read and review Time For Death by Christie Silvers through Tempting Book Tours. I love paranormal romance and this seemed to be right up my alley. Little did I know just how much I was going to enjoy this story. Liz is just wild enough to be a lot of fun. She's just naive enough to fall for the trap that was set for her. She's just blind enough to not realize what she really wants. The story line wasn't like any other vampire story that I've read in recent memory, but it did take parts of the ones I've read and wove them together into a new story that you won't soon forget. I love the paranormal mixed with the reality. Far too many times, the paranormal world is far fetched and you don't even know where you are, but Time for Death could be set in any small town USA. Liz could be anyone. The story could be something that any of us could experience, if vampires really exist. The only problem I had with the story? It was too short. I read the book from beginning to end in under 3 hours and I want more.