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  • Neon Pilgrim on Feb. 11, 2010

    Lisa Dempster's courage to take on such a daunting pilgrimage is incredibly admirable. The descriptive nature of her writing is captivating and throughout the book, you learn to empathise with her and silently cheer her on to finish the full 1200km pilgrimage that she has madly chosen to walk. While reading the first half of the book, I often felt physically exhausted myself! I think anyone could enjoy this book, but you can only really appreciate and love this story if you hold Japan close to your heart, or have experiences somewhat similar to those in the book. A lot of people I know would struggle to feel engaged in a story so removed from their everyday life (not in a captivating fantasy or sci-fi way) that uses so many foreign words throughout the book that they need to keep track of. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to find an astonishing amount of errors in it. "On" instead of "one", "craved" instead of "carved", multiple sentences that didn’t make sense because of extra or omitted words... Considering that the author claims to be an editor herself, I expected much more. I found the editing in this book incredibly disappointing, to the point where I was so annoyed that I almost threw the book in the bin several times without finishing it! That aside, I don't regret reading the book and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who can see past errors and still be able to enjoy a book for the story alone.