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Jan has played in over a dozen bands as a lead guitarist and lead vocalist. He has also performed as a solo acoustic artist in lounges and coffee houses. Behind the scenes, Jan has logged countless hours as a studio musician and back-up vocalist for other area artists. His primary instruments include electric guitar, slide guitar, and mandolin.
Although not considering himself as a composer, Jan has written lyrics for music featured in two motion pictures: “Don’t Tell” (2005 Pier Oppenheimer film) and “And They’re Off” (2011 Scrambled Eggs Productions); composed the Christmas anthem “Bring Back That Christmas”,
and created video-musical compositions “9-11 Suite” and the comical “Old Men Stink”. Jan’s viral video commercial “Unemployed Web Browser Blues” was a national finalist in the “2006 Firefox Flix” competition (Jan wrote the screen play, composed and performed the song. co-edited the music and video, acted and co-video recorded the commercial with colleague Jonathon Boyer).
Beside his creative life, Jan held down a “day job” for twenty-three years as a technical specialist in the health insurance industry, put two kids through college, and even coached his daughter’s softball team. He currently works as a free-lance web consultant on content search engine optimization.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
In Honors English during my senior year of high school, I put off writing a book report until the last minute...the study hall before class when the report was due. One of my classmates asked me earlier that day if I had the assignment completed and I replied that "I'll think of something". He razzed me pretty good, insisting that I was going to flunk the class. During the study hall, I made up a book title "Queen Elizabeth and the Spanish Armada", made up the author "Antson Hisspants", and the publishing company, and then wrote a short story that served as my synopsis. When I turned it in, my classmate laughed heartily because he had worked for weeks on his paper. The following week when the teacher passed out the grades, I got an "A+" while my classmate got a "B". He went bezerk and wound up getting sent to the office screaming all the way "He made it up. I tell you, he made it up!"
What is your writing process?
My first book was a memoir, so I furiously wrote down everything and everything until I had exhausted the subject. The hard part was to then whittle away at all of the words to eliminate the non-essential parts. I would remove a portion and then read the story without that portion. If the story worked without the portion, I left it out and moved on to the next portion. Next I had my "Second Set of Eyes" team consisting of my wife, son, daughter, and a couple educator friends review the text and submit their critiques to me. I picked my team members because I knew that they not only read constantly, but that they also had keen eyes and sharp opinions. Their brutally honest comments helped me not only flesh out my characters, but also ensured that I didn't treat any characters unfairly.
My fiction works in reverse of the memoir. I start with a very simple premise, and then build upon it. I did have to learn to allow the story to take on its own life and let it take me wherever it may lead.
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