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A regular person who is grateful for the positive influences in her life, Nancy Deville is an inspiring advocate for mind, body, spirit wellness for anyone who wants to be the best they can be and enjoy life to the fullest.

Born in Los Angeles, Nancy Deville was a Navy brat who modeled in Tokyo as a teenager from 1965-68. After high school, she spent ten months hitchhiking to India and three years living in Europe before returning to the United States to a culture where people ate food made in factories, were sickly, overweight, depressed, and tethered to doctors. It was an awakening that inspired her to seek a better way of living. Nancy decided as a young woman that she wouldn't age like the people she saw around her.

Nancy's talent for design led her into a career of designing fashion, then as a stylist and costume designer in the film industry.

Sixteen years ago Nancy coauthored the first book to come out against the low-fat, high carbohydrate diet, and in support of real food, including meat and fat. Since then "real food" became a buzzword and Nancy went on to write ten bestselling books on health, anti-aging, and weight loss.

Nancy forged her voice in the real food movement with original ideas and common sense approaches to eating based on years of research. She used herself as a guinea pig to develop her healthy, sexy, happy program. Nancy has close relationships with leading medical doctors and practitioners, as well as yogis, athletes, celebrities, and scholars.

Nancy's interests include writing health books, blogs, novels (and coming up with ideas for screenplays), reading, piano, yoga, hiking, Buddhist Metta meditation, cooking, entertaining, traveling, sewing, knitting, interior design, the "joint custody" whippets Charlotte Brontë and India, and developing and expanding her production company Cloud N°9 to reach as many people possible with her healthy, sexy, happy message.

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