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One of 10 children from an Irish Catholic family, Nancy Hill (born Nancy Murphy), learned from an early age that stories are almost always far more interesting than reality. Her father was a teller of tall tales, her mother read bedtime stories faithfully, and her older brothers (twins) never told her the truth about anything. And so her love of all things that may or may not be what they seemed to be blossomed when she was quite did her need to escape.

She recalls beginning her first unfinished novel at 10 with her best friend. A cemetery separated Nancy's house from her best friend's house, and so it was only natural that their book was a murder mystery. They soon became convinced they were onto something and that Nancy's next door neighbor - a man who sold gravestones - was indeed involved in all sorts of nefarious things and would have them kidnapped before they could reveal the truth about him. Fearing for their lives, they never finished their book.

Over the years, Nancy has written all kinds of things, including rather boring business documents - annual reports, white papers, limericks when she was stuck in pointless meetings. She claims the excuses she wrote for her two children when they missed school were among her best pieces of writing. She's also ghostwritten books for clients, screenplays that Hollywood ignorantly ignores, feature articles, and other things that strike her as worth writing.

After compiling a very impressive collection of rejection slips from publishers who foolishly overlooked her ability to spin yarns, she decided to reject the publishing world in return and is now self-publishing some of the books she's written over the years. She is also a photographer and often illustrates her children's stories with her photographs.

Credentials? A master's in writing, an insatiable curiosity, an appreciation of the absurd, and the strong suspicion that there's way more going on than meets the eye - including fairies of all kinds and massive political cover ups.

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