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On May 11, 1995, at 30, Roy A. Teel Jr.'s life was irrevocably changed. After walking into the hospital, he was admitted and later received the worst possible diagnosis – Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. His doctors gave him two years to live, and he left the hospital in a wheelchair. Roy, not one for giving up, and having a, then, three-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son, went immediately into human subjects research at UCLA and spent 12 years (1995–2007) as a human research subject. His experience gave him a unique look behind the scenes of medicine and the processes that are required to get drugs through the research chain, from the animal research phase to using those drugs in humans in clinical trials, and, if successful, on to the FDA for approval. Roy participated in four major experimental drug trials, and one of those ended up giving him thyroid cancer, which was diagnosed in January 2001.

Life as a Survivor

Roy is a proud cancer survivor and has refused to let MS define his life. His dedication to his work and to human subject research both inspired his writing as well as showed the real human condition when laid bare. As an author, Roy A. Teel Jr. is very diverse, and his works include both fiction and nonfiction. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Ministerial Studies through Berean University of the Assemblies of God then went on to earn doctorates of Divinity and Biblical Studies through ULC Ministries.


Roy’s first nonfiction book, The Way, The Truth, and The Lies: How the Gospels Mislead Christians about Jesus’ True Message, was published in 2005 and is taught in both religious and secular universities in the U.S. and abroad. Against The Grain: The American Mega-Church and its Culture of Control was published in 2008. This second book reveals the unflattering true faces of the “Goliaths of God” and shows religion and churches for what they really are – businesses – very, very lucrative and influential businesses involved in many facets of American society.

Short Fiction

In 2008, Roy published a collection of short stories titled, Light of Darkness: Dialogues in Death. These collected stories were inspired by both his difficult and troubled childhood as well as his years in clinical trials. He met and knew many people, many whom lost the battle due to natural causes, or in some cases, by their own hand, that he felt compelled to fictionalize and share their stories.

Novel-length Fiction

In 2013, Roy released his first novel, And God Laughed, a neoplatonic dialogue between one man and God. Although now a secular humanist, Roy believes in God but rejects all religions as man’s folly and wrote a fictional narrative about a relationship with God outside of religion.

Current Project

In 2014, Roy began publishing his latest and largest project – a 30-book geographically-centered hard boiled, mystery, suspense, thriller crime series: "The Iron Eagle Series." The main character, a former Marine Corps Black Operative turned rogue FBI agent, hunts serial killers in Los Angeles. Each novel addresses different subjects, and while fiction, all titles deal with real world subject matter. "The Iron Eagle Series" is not about things that can’t hurt you. What happens in these novels can happen to any one of us if we let our guard down and/​or are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Life as an Author

After battling Multiple Sclerosis for nearly 16 years, Roy began devoting his energies and passions to the full-time art of storytelling. Although he is no longer able to work in a high stress executive environment, his life has taken on a new mission: to inform and entertain. His disability has brought with it an unforeseen blessing. He can finally take medications to alleviate some of the pain from his MS and focus on the pleasures of character creation and the joys of putting words to paper.

Smashwords Interview

How do you approach cover design?
The cover design of my titles is usually in my minds eye at the inception of a new book. I’m a visually driven author, which means that when I start a new book something that I have seen, read, heard, talked about or imagined has started the creative ball rolling. I don’t start writing a book until I have the cover scene in my mind. When the book is written, I then spend countless hours with my book layout and graphic artist putting the picture in my head on to a book cover. I’m very fortunate; I have found a graphic artist and book layout designer who is in sync with my thought process and he almost always takes my written description of a cover and hits it out of the park on the first try.
What do you read for pleasure?
I’m a lover of so many different genres, fiction, nonfiction, historical, biographical, philosophy, as well as poetry. While I write a lot of fiction, believe it or not, I don’t read a lot of fiction. When I’m reading, I’m typically reading news, financial articles, social commentaries and political news. I like to keep up on current events. In a world that is so based on ‘mythical’ ‘reality television’ I find knowing what’s going on in the ‘real’ world is much more important and inspiring.

When I do read fiction, I’m a lover of all things Hemingway. I also enjoy the works of David McCullough, Scott Turow, Michael Crichton, Thomas Harris, Ayn Rand, John Steinbeck, and believe it or not C. S. Lewis, along with others. I enjoy also nonfiction works by Daniel Walker Howe, Jared Diamond, Edmond S. Morgan, Joseph J. Ellis and others.

I read a lot of works in the classics as well. Authors like, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Charles Dickens, Edgar Alan Poe and others. I have been most impacted in my logic skills by the works of Plato, his two great works Symposium and Republic, as well as Homer, and the works of Aristotle, Socrates, and more recent philosophers such as Arthur Koestler, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand Russell
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