Natasha Hanson


I grew up in a family of seven on a small farm on the South Island of New Zealand. I was very busy with all sorts of activities from ballet to highland dancing, drama league, choir, violin, piano, bagpipes.
My first memory of writing was in school when I was about five. Every week we had to make a story and the best one would win a prize. I won a Holly Hobbie poster that said, “Start each day in a happy way.” I kept it in my room all through my childhood. I still have the poster, but can’t remember what my story was about!
When I was 14, I started writing music and one summer I wrote a short song every day that I would play for my dad after dinner. That summer I started writing musicals and my dream is to some day watch one my musicals on stage.
After High School, I attended drama school, traveled a lot, graduated from University and then had a string of odd jobs (my favorite one was at a radio station).
Then I meet Steve and my life really started to accelerate. We now live in Denver and are the proud founders of Glow Word Books. I adore writing because it’s so creative, imaginative and fun. I always try to write friendly books — like I would want to read to my son.

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