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  • Marmite Cowboy on Aug. 17, 2013
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    John Allen is a man of many parts - musician, poet, painter and now author. This, his first book, is a minor masterpiece. He recreates a childhood world of nutters, old bags and various other colourful characters, which transported me back to my own childhood, in urban Liverpool. Like Keith Waterhouse's There is a Happy land, the mystery of all things grown up are perfectly described through the eyes, ears and indeed all the senses of an acutely observant child. We crossed paths, briefly at Liverpool Art School and I share his disillusionment with the crummy intellectual snobbery of the tutors and the rubbish they spouted and made. John had a dream of America and was set on reinventing himself in this new and magical world. Marmite Cowboy describes that journey beautifully and his stories of music, drink and drugs, made me laugh out loud and want to share that journey with him. A charming and funny, book.