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Smashwords book reviews by Nor Sanavongsay

  • Pandora Driver: The Origin on June 04, 2013

    Great Stuff! In one way the main character is like a Batgirl gone bad and comes a little unhinged pursuing what she sees as justice. In another way, Pandora is a good samaritan who slides in and out of stranger’s lives performing good deeds, but with a catch. To the ruling class of the city, she is a nightmare behind the wheel of a big @##, indestructible car. The story is set during the great depression and the golden age of comic and pulp magazines. It's paced like a comicbook and there are a lot of neat little comic winks hidden throughout the adventure. The fight scenes are brutal, the details are engaging and plot reveals kept me interested though out. This ebook also includes slick illustrations of Pandora’s car (a Phantom Corsair) that might make you want one.
  • ePulp Sampler Vol 1 on Aug. 04, 2013

    More Good Stuff This anthology takes a looks at classic pulp and comic book archetypes from five different perspectives. Each character defines their space in the book and each story can stand alone. Rurik is a giant bronze age Barbarian who roams the wastelands where Conan could have dwelled. The descriptions are visceral and gritty. Dead Reckoner is a disembodied spirit who arrives in WWI and looks into the shadows where Weird, Creepy or Eerie magazines once lurked. It has a poetic quality to it. Wild Marjoram is a blond haired blue eyed mechanic trying to fix things with Chicago gangsters in an alternate timeline of WWII. There is a lot of clever character interplay. Pandora Driver is a Batgirl gone bad and running down villains on the streets of a Noir City. The plot reveals keep this story moving. Skyracos looks into the far reach of space to spot a pair of armored Rocketeers or 1940s Ironmen fighting alien insects. This story is all action and blood flies. This anthology is hosted by a presence named Kilroy. He is a cross between Stan Lee's soapbox and Rod Serling of Twlight Zone Fame. His tidbits are practically a sixth story and very light in contrast to the others.