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  • Always Oskar: Sinful Delights #1 on April 14, 2022

    This is my first grandpa/grandson taboo book. I had my reservations going into this book because the word "grandpa" evokes some not-so-sexy imagery, but Ian is only 56 so he's a YOUNG grandpa and I could imagine an older/mature distinguished man instead of a wrinkly crochety guy shuffling shakily about on his cane (not that there's anything wrong with that if that's your thing). Ian and Oskar's relationship is so precious. It's unfortunate that Oskar had to go through abuse (off-page) in the beginning of the book that led to the demise of his parents, but it brought him under Ian permanently and gave them more time to bond. I loved all their moments together before and after they started they got together. It went from sweet to hawt hawt hawt. Even though this was a mafia book, I didn't think it was dark at all (except the first chapter) and would even consider it pretty fluffy where Ian and Oskar's relationshp is concerned. I love the parts where Oskar just plops into Ian's lap (before they were involved) in front of all his henchmen and be all cuddly--too cute! This is slowburn and low-angst (which I'm always here for, especially for taboo books). I'm always anxious about the "discovery" or where someone walks in on them and judges them, followed by a huge fall-out of some kind. Hate reading those in taboo books, even if it's more realistic, so I'm so glad for the low-angst factor. Highly recommend!
  • Family Values: Sinful Delights #2 on April 23, 2022

    ===SPOILERS AHEAD=== ===SPOILER ALERT=== I liked the dark tone of the front of the book. The settings and characters were excellent there and fit perfectly with the mafia vibe. Similar to "Always Oskar" this is a very low-angst and super light mafia book. Once you get past 20%(?), I felt like it was all fluff and no dark (except for one scene where Jasper had to prove himself). Once Abaddon started showing his nice-guy image, the mood of the entire book switched. Loved Abaddon's relationship/friendship with Gabriel. You could tell they were very ride-or-die type of friends, and that part where Gabriel admitted and revealed that Abaddon was family to him was touching. The reveal and talk about Abaddon's twin actually had me tear up. It was so sad and I felt his loss when he reminisced about Asmodeus with Jasper and Theodore. Ughhhh wish he was still around. There wasn't as much spice in the book as I would've wanted but it's also a short book so it's a quick story. The library public sex scene was hot and we definitely need more of it. Loved loved loved it! Overall, I think it was a very cute mafia book, but might have been better if it kept a darker tone (personal preference).
  • The Monster Games: Episode 2 - Greg on June 10, 2022

    **WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD** Despite the triggers and warnings, this was actually really sweet. There wasn't much plot, of course, because it's just a chapter/episode 2 but I loved the smut and the hints of romance between Greg and his Monster. Looks like the other chapters are about the other captors, and I can't wait for episode 5 titled "The Reunion" for them to be reunited because I didn't like the HFN ending of this one haha. I wanted Greg to have stayed in their world to be with his monster since they were so cute together. Will be rereading this again and again because the smut was hot hot hot and the in-between moments were awww so sweet. I loved Greg and his monster and can't wait to read the other episodes!
  • The Monster Games: Episode 3 - Drew on June 30, 2022

    **WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD** Loved the threesome in this of Monster/Monster/human. I was looking forward to Drew's episode since he seemed more vocal and accepting in the previous episode, so I was curious about his circumstances and how he went through the ordeal. Drew and his two monsters were very sweet. This definitely had more smut than Greg's episode (book 2) and it was all combinations of hot. Don't question the impossibility of the sex marathon and how the hole can stretch and take so many poundings. Magic monster cum and different dimensions did something to their bodies so everything logical flies out the window lol Drew and his monsters were sweet too, and I felt like there was more chemistry and character development at the end when Drew was reflecting on what happened plus his feelings about the whole thing. His enthusiasm during the games/primal play part didn't feel real to me, since it seemed so different from his attitude before he got snatched to that world, but his character's emotions evolved later and was more convincing and I felt his interactions with his two monsters were very sweet and hot. Can't wait for the next two episodes with the twins and the reunion!
  • Blood Bound: Sinful Delights #3 on June 30, 2022

    10% in and I already knew this was going to be my favorite in the Sinful Delights series. This was darker and had more on-page mafia action as well as smut scenes which I thought fit their profession and vibe better than the previous books. Though I do love all the sweetness of the relationships in the previous books, but THIS ONE??? THISSSSSSS was a perfect blend of cest, smut, dark, mystery/plot, possessiveness, and their own brand of love. Potential spoiler-y thoughts cropped out. See full review at Overall, still a 5 star read. Really enjoyed this final book in the Sinful Delights series because it's definitely my favorite and had lots more sex scenes like I wanted in the previous 2 books. I'll be rereading this many times again in the coming weeks because it's that good. Drooolsss.
  • When Cravings Collide on Dec. 08, 2022

    As with all of Elouise East's taboo books, I wished this was longer because it was so good and steamy and sweet. Though this the 4th book in the Collide series, this can be read as a standalone. There is small cameos from characters of the previous books in the series, but they are introduced and explained well enough that you do not need to read the previous books. I liked that it didn't take long for the twins do something with each other and to reciprocate their feelings for each other. It's pretty low-angst in that there is no back-and-forth or waffling (maybe for a little bit). They know they want each other and they get right to the affectionate gestures, touching, and hot hot hot smutty scenes. There's no discovery scene, but there is mention of 2 coworkers of Devon's finding out, but it wasn't a big blow-out, so this still remained pretty low-angst. I also liked that Scott and Devon were able to meet the other 'cest couples as a source of support and friendship. That was very heartwarming and such a nice touch to the book. I also liked that Scott and Devon are older MCs at 35-years-old. Almost all twincest/brocest books have the MCs around the new-adult age between 18 and early 20s, so it's refreshing to read ones in their mid-30s. Cannot wait for the next taboo book from Elouise East. She writes them so well, and even though it always takes place in the UK, the speech, text, and grammar is not a problem at all and everything flowed very smoothly.
  • Say You Love Me: Forest & River [Brothers] on March 09, 2023

    No-angst short (7k words), sexy, and sweet brocest novella. Older brother, Forest, had left town 3 years ago when River (18 at the time) gave him a blowjob while they shared a bed together one night. Forest got over his issues and is now back on River's 21st birthday to claim what's his. It's too bad this was so short and we only get 2 sexy scenes. I'd have loved to read about them after they leave town and see how they lived elsewhere as a couple. They were so cute together and their chemistry was definitely hot hot hot.
  • Son of a Sinner on March 10, 2023

    Warning: Ends on a small cliffhanger. This was a very sweet and short taboo novella of bisexual Pennington (the father) and gay Wilder (the son). Although we know this is a 'cest book, the characters themselves don't discover their blood relations in this book.. Penn had always wanted a little one of his own, and after his wife cheated on him, they got divorced and he heard about adopting through fostering. Though it didn't work out with a 6-month old, he got "troubled wild child" 16-year-old Wilder as his second foster child. They hit it off so well that Penn agreed to foster Wilder indefinitely. Fast forward 2 years and on the day of Wilder's 18th birthday, we get lots of sexual tension and then later some steam. Loved how sweet Penn was in trying to be a first-time-father and also a friend that Wilder can go to for everything. Wilder is a good child that's just been through some bad foster homes, hence his "acting out" previously, but not with Penn. I can't wait for book 2. Obviously we know they're real father/son, but I'd definitely like to know their reactions and also find out how Penn's ex-wife hid her previous pregnancy from Penn and then gave their child away (knowing Penn really wanted to be a father). Ughhh such a bish. I need book 2 now!
  • Morally Ambiguous Duet on March 10, 2023

    Atwood (40) and Eren (23) omggg, so cute and sweet and hot. The first half was sweet while the latter half of this was so hot at he resort. I'm glad there was no discovery or backlash scene of anyone finding out their relations, and I'm glad they were able to make great friends with Cooper and Bennett. That whole resort, all the public sex and tension and that shower scene, wowwww! I need more books of this couple and maybe all the other couples in Odessa's backlist to come to this resort lol
  • Twisted Together on March 18, 2023

    This is much darker than the rest of Odessa Hywell's books, which typically run toward sweet and low-angst. If you're not a fan of dark romance, and noncon/dubcon are triggers for you, don't read this book. Loved the semi-mysterious element behind the "games" (and I say semi because we already know this is twincest taboo, so the other person is obviously his twin brother lol). Very different but equally hot hot hot. Loved Cooper and Bennett's cameos in the Morally Ambiguous Duet's 2nd book/latter half. Their scenes there were very sweet and sexy and a different vibe from this book but loved both settings for them. Always makes me happy to see characters/world crossovers in authors other books.
  • Lovely in Red on May 12, 2023

    Loveddddd this! ughhhhh I wish this was a much much longer book lol Though it's not 'cest this time, as with most of Odessa Hywell's books, there's always a sweet element even when it's dark. You'd think this was some normal camboy x his stalker story, but the level of stalking Atticus did to be near Calix was definitely very next level. Then you get a slightly dark turn of events when we learn Atticus has a disorder and exhibits signs of dark character (though he doesn't act on any of his dark tendencies). There's some blood play, very slight CNC and primal play near the end, and a few public sex scenes yummmmm. Loved that Atticus was very meticulous and OCD about the blood play and being sanitary, which matches his personality very well. I was wondering if Atticus would off Calix's dad but probably too dark lol But luckily the rest of Calix's family is decent people. Love love loveeeee Atticus's dad and that they have a good relationship with each other. It was kinda heartwarming knowing Atticus didn't want to disappoint his dad and really cares for him. And wow, I need Matt and Evan's book next! I know Odessa said she doesn't want to write poly since she's not confident in it, but I'd loveeeeeeeee for Matt and Evan's book to be MMM or MMM+ since they were both eyeing Atticus's dad, Harley lol. They also mention "the twins" as part of their friend group but don't mention any names, so I'm wondering if they're new twin characters or is it a reference to characters in past books? Hmmmmm...
  • Sins of My Father on May 20, 2023

    That was so sweet. Super low-angst (one small angst scene around 60%) and steamy and yummy. Penn and Wilder decide to move away to start a new life together and I'm glad they were able to have such great friends/neighbors in Marcus and Austin. Their friendship and support was so heartwarming and I loved all their hang-out scenes. I was worried there'd be backlash somewhere with the parents, or they'd confront the bish wife but that'd open too many can of worms, so I'm kinda glad they didn't but ughhh kinda still curious. The ending was perfect. Omg I wanted it to go on longer but this whole book was so sweet and amazing too, so I know it had to end somewhere. Ahhh this was everythingggg, loved it so much!
  • For nEver Mine: Mate Mistake #1 on July 07, 2023

    MM taboo brocest, shifter omegaverse, older brother omega (Riley) and younger brother alpha (Shiloh). No mpreg in this world, and male omegas cannot get pregnant from male alphas. How can this be topped? How is it that every next book that comes out gets better and better, and is my next favorite? Even though this is the first omegaverse and paranormal book from Odessa Hywell, I really hope it won't be the last cuz woowowowowwoww that was so good and so wholesome and very smutty yesssss (drools). Loveddddd this so much. Steamy 🥵🥵🥵 and sweet 🥰🥰🥰. Ughhhh my heart, I love Riley and Shiloh so much; there's so much chemistry there. Shiloh is also not your typical omega, and Riley is not your typical alpha; there's so much respect and love between them, just ughhhh take my heart gosh. The very minimal angst of Alpha Gearhart being a threat was resolved quickly near the end and I'm glad it wasn't too bad. Omg if there is a next book, I need it now! Keenan and Ellis, wewww, definitely saw the hints at the end, and that epilogue of them bwahahahhah I feel bad for laughing but everyone knew it was coming.
  • Eric and David Youlle's Island Book 3 on July 30, 2023

    Having not read book 1 and 2, Eric and David's book stands-alone pretty well with the explanation of how Youlle's Island came to be and what it functions as. You still kinda need to suspend your belief a bit as some things only seem possible in a book world in the 2nd half of the book (like just giving everyone $50k and casually giving everyone 3-story mansions to live in). Not quite believable but if it was fleshed out a bit more, I think it could flow better... The first half of the book is dark, so mind the warnings for child abuse (physical, mental, sexual) that's all on-page when it's happening to Eric and David. There are off-page mentions of sexual abuse of other minors by their father, the pastor, and by the mayor and sheriff. School bullying from the students and one of the teachers. This ends in an HEA.
  • Too Many Secrets: A Life of Secrets on Oct. 26, 2023

    This is the prequel to the first "Too Many Secrets" book from 2020/2021 that's been renamed to "Too Many Secrets: The Lake House" and is now book 2. It's been a few years since I've read that book, so I don't remember what happened, but I felt like Elouise's writing has improved so much from that book to this one. This prequel starts 4 years after Ford and Tyler moved out of their Dad's place to another place where no one knwos them, so they could pretend to be husbands. They have their own design(?) or construction(?) business, I don't remember what it was or if it was made clear, and have made a life for themselves with great friends. I loved Ace and Emilia (especially Emilia, yessss girlllll, so supportive, yessss). My heartrate always went up when their dad, Alek, visited, cuz THE ANGSTTTTT lol. The smut, plot, feelings, THE ANGST OMG THE ANGST (will they or won't they be discovered?), the friendships, did I mention the smut? lol everything was written so well, I loved it so much! And that scene on the dance floor, ughhh 10/10. Always a weakness of mine to read them secretly smexing in public yummmmm.
  • Never Say Never: Mate Mistake #2 on March 03, 2024

    This was surprisingly not as smutty as I thought it would be. We get the whole backstory that led to the ending of Book 1 where we first saw Riley and Shiloh encounter Keenan and Ellis right after their mate bite. Their feelings were expected but the way it came about was a surprise and I'm glad they were able to take advantage of that. The additional plot point/conflict introduced with Jaiden and Locke that leads into a new series, oh boyyyyyyyy, I'm so excited for a new series ahhhhhhhh. It sounds so good and such a good set up as the beginning of one. I'm so hyped! I need all the future books now ahhhhh. (Full review on goodreads)
  • When Hungers Collide on March 03, 2024

    Ahhhh I need more of Carter (father, 50s), Ridley and Hunter (twins, 35). The story was too short, I need more smut too lol This was a pretty well-balanced book with plot, smut, angst, small conflict, and wholesome feels. I'm so glad we got to meet all the other couples from the previous Collide books again. Seeing them all come together and interact was so cute and wholesome. I was anxious for Hunter and his relationship with his best friend Deacon after he was confronted about being "discovered" (almost), but I'm glad it didn't turn out too bad, but sad that it had to end up that way. I'm so excited for the next Collide book. I wonder if it'll be a new couple/throuple (filling the newly empty manager position, perhaps?), or would we get a collective book of all the couples while they are in Spain? Can't wait for the next in the series!